Sunday, August 1, 2010

MUST READ....Important Update

I have some SUPER exciting news

BRA QUEEN EXPOSED is moving to so be sure to subscribe to the new site or if you have a RSS feed change it to the new domain.

Re launch GIVEAWAY....FREE when you subscribe the ever popular Love Your Life Challenge. I also have a $100 gift voucher to GIVEAWAY to BRAVA Lingerie

Thank you for your support and I hope you join me over at BRA QUEEN EXPOSED and we can continue on this amazing journey. Related Posts with thumbnails for bloggerblogger tutorials

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fitness Project Update

Week 2 was a roller coaster I actually put ON weight 1/2kg then I lost 1kg at the end of the week. So to date I have lost a total of 2 kg in 3 weeks which isn't too bad. You know you have that thought in the back of your mind that you really want it to just drop off but that's just not going to let's put my realistic hat on.

I have decided to measure myself as well so the weeks where I don't lose many Kg's maybe it won't be all bad because hopefully I would have lost inches.....or centimetres.

I am loving my workouts and I get frustrated if time doesn't permit and I am quite disciplined with food because I know how hard I work to burn calories as it is, let alone if I stuff myself with something. My challenge is still eating during the day so I really have to make a big batch of soup so it's there and easy to prepare.

How are you going?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bra Review Elomi Sports Bra

Elomi Plus Size Sports Bra

Lift- 9/10
Separation- 10/10
Quality- 9/10
Shape- 9/10
Material- 10/10
Appearance- 10/10

Over All-

Bra Queen’s Comments-
This Elomi Sports bra is so super comfortable to wear, the lift and support is great. The material is so soft on the skin, if you're active through out the day you could easily wear this bra all day if you need the support.

Sizes D to H Cups and 14 to 22

If you're Melbourne based check out my girls at Brava or Sydney gals check my girls over at DeBras.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bras Boobs & Bubbles...calling all D to K Cups

Bra Queen takes the dreaded bra shopping experience and turns it into a great time.

Come and enjoy some bubbles and nibbles while watching a Fashion Parade with real models.
Then get Professionally Fitted into a beautiful bra that will lift, support and have your girls exactly where they should be and you'll feel fabulous at the same time.
Gone is the dreaded bra shopping experience with ugly ill-fitted bras, you will have heaps of bras to choose from and you will leave feeling like an absolute goddess.

Tickets are $30 and they include-
* Champers and nibbles on arrival
* $30 gift voucher to spend in store on the night (excludes already reduced items)
* Real Women's fashion parade
* Professional bra fitting
* Be uplifted by Australia's #1 Bra Critic & Lingerie Business Coach Bra Queen

The next Bras, Boobs & Bubbles is powered by Brava Lingerie Melbourne
Tuesday 20th July
6:30pm to 9pm
487 High St Prahran VIC 3181


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bra Review- Ultimo Gel Bra

Ultimo Gel Bra A to D Cups

Cost- $59.95
Lift- 9/10
Separation- 10/10
Quality- 9/10
Shape- 9/10
Material- 10/10
Appearance- 10/10

Over All- 9/10

Bra Queen’s Comments-
This bra looks absolutely divine on; the shape is so round, the lift is fantastic and the material makes it so super comfortable to wear. You don't even know you're wearing it. Alot of push up bras make your breasts look pointy and not quite right but this push up bra will give any gal the va va voom they want/need.

You know me those words rarely escape these lips. For $60 they are so affordable and that's imported....great value considering Australia's biggest intimate apparel retailer is the same price and the quality, shape, lift and support is no where near as good as this little number. Best of all you can wear this under anything it is the perfect t-shirt bra.

You can go to to check it out

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are Social Media Friends Real Friends?

This has been the question on many lips recently. How seriously can you take the connections you make online?

It’s easy to the outside world to under estimate the unique connection that is available to us online however sometimes within the social media arena it’s easy to forget that although we may or may not have met these people face to face the emotions we feel are the exact same as the traditional relationships we have. We feel love, friendship, happiness, laughter and sometimes frustration or even anger…just as life as we know it.

For me I have always felt like I was different and although I have always had many friends there was always that element of difference. So when I went to work on cruise liners it was like all of those people who “were different” in their home towns we all had that common ambition that drive and determination to make a difference…to be free. We felt at home, we felt understood. Over 1500 crew members from all over the world our up bringing were totally different but that didn’t matter because we had a mutual respect and understanding of what we were doing and why we were there. When I got home it was hard to settle back into normal life in fact it took years to adapt but it was still that feeling of finding people who understood “me”.

It’s that same feeling I get when I’m online because truth be told very few people in my day to day life actually know and understand what it is I “do” whether it be they don’t understand or they don’t care because they are not career orientated. So it’s that feeling of isolation and having that network to bounce off.

Social media brings all of these people together in life to brainstorm, to encourage and to support. You connect with people and you relate with people; some more then others, just like in life and its matter of putting yourself out there and building relationships, friendships and connections. Some people you will love some you will like and maybe some people you will loathe and that’s ok because that’s life and you take the good with the bad. But for me there is definitely more good then bad!

I have come to love the people I have connected with it is refreshing to have a whole bunch of like minded people to bounce off and they get it. It’s such a diverse range of people all with something to share and story to tell. Personally I love the support and for me it is very real and I am a better person for knowing these people, they allow me to grow and be myself. What more could you want.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fitness Project Update

Last week a started my Can I lose 10kg in 12 weeks Fitness Project so every Monday will bring a weigh in and update on my progress.

Weight Loss- 1.5kg

I feel like I've lost the double chin I started to get...Yay! When I look in the mirror I feel like my skin looks healthier.

Work outs- It feels good to be exercising again. In saying that I wasn't as unfit as I thought I would be....maybe running around after the girls is doing something. I found running some days were harder then others but all in all because it's only 20 mins it's not too time consuming; which I need. I am really enjoying my boxing bag for my upper body workouts. I am sore but it's a good pain.

Food- I eat healthy anyway so this was never going to be hard for me however I am having to remind myself to eat lunch because when I am working I get so focused on what I'm doing I forget to eat. So yesterday I made a big batch of soup so it's there and just have to heat it up.

It's much easier to eat healthy when you workout because you know how much work you've put into losing it and you really don't what to jeopardise that.

How did you go?