Monday, June 28, 2010

Can I lose 10Kg in 12 Weeks...Fitness Project

Today I embarked on my new fitness regime and thought I would share my journey with you and maybe inspire you to jump on board.

My goal
* Lose 10 kilos in 12 weeks

I have decided to do the Body for Life routine because it's great if you're time poor and it's simple and it makes sense to me.

You have one "free day" a week the idea is to have 5 small meals and basically fill up on salad and vegetables and protein is the size of your fist.

So my biggest challenge will be to actually eat during the day and have a smaller meal at night. I often work through lunch because I am in the zone however I will have to make an effort the stop and eat.


20 minutes cardio 6 days a week. Basically the 20 minutes cardio is designed in a way that you maximise your 20 mins and you don't get bored. The thought process is that work outs shouldn't be long for example the fitter you get the longer the workouts? No it's about pushing yourself. So the 20 minutes looks like this-

1. Warm up the first 2 minutes at Intensity Level 5
2. Minutes 2-3 move from Intensity Level 5 to 6
3. Minutes 4-5, 6-10 and 11-14 work your way from Intensity Level 6 to Level 9, maintain for one minute.
4. Minutes 15-19 work your way from Intensity Level 6 to Level 10 (High Point at Level 10), maintain for one minute.
5. Minute 20 cool down to Intensity Level 5 for one minute.

Weight Training
3 times a week and alternating between upper and lower body this should only take 25 minutes.

Abs you do everyday or 6 days that you're training.

For more info on Body For Life or to view their success stories you can go to

So who's in with me? I will be updating you every week over the next 12 weeks so I would love to have on board.


Anonymous said...

Well I HAVE to do something to lose this weight, i'm reading through the website before I commit to you Renee, but this could be the KICK IN THE BUTTTT I'm looking for...... will let you know what I decide.....Dani xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Queen Bee, so excited you are on this!! Well done!

Bra Queen said...

That's great news Dani! Welcome aboard :)
Thanks Heather :)

Anonymous said...

Im doing the DUKAN DIET.
Mum started it this week and gave me the book so im doing that one!! lol
so far so good, but its only 11.11am day one!

Bra Queen said...

That's awesome I'll look forward to hearing how it's going :)
I did my lower body today and boy can I feel my butt :-/ it's a good pain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bra Queen,

I've lost about 3 kgs over the coming months (only need to loose about 5-6kgs). This last week was the easiest. Gastro gave me no appetite, 1 easy kilo down.. Woo Hoo.. But now the real work begins again now that I have an appetite and have not done any exercise for over a week. Keep me motivated to I can stay motivated. Luv AC.

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