Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shhh it's a secret!

Ask yourself a question.
Do you struggle getting attention from the people and companies you'd love to have as customers?
Do you wonder how you can "crack the door" so they find out about you?
Go "Under cover"
Which in the world of sales means:
Pay Attention!
Get On Their Radar

Step 1: Research!
Make a list of all the potential people and companies you'd love to have as customers.

Step 2: Observe!
Sign up for Google Alerts on these companies, check them out on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Youtube and of course your own local newspapers, television, radio etc. Also review the most recent news releases etc available on your potential customer's website/blog.

Step 3: Pay attention!!
Who was interviewed on the media, won an award, launched a new campaign, opened a new location, started a business, expanded their business, bought a new car - you get the picture.

Step 4: Get On Their Radar
When you've noticed something interesting - ONLY then you STEP IN with this very easy task.

Send them a CONGRATULATIONS CARD. Write a personal note, insert a copy of the article etc and also tuck in your business card.

You can bet they haven't received many congratulations cards and it gets you onto their radar - although they have no idea that you were observing and waiting for the PERFECT MOMENT to make contact.

The odds are you will make this prospective customer CURIOUS and they will contact you by email, check out your website.

It's one of the many first steps you can take to cracking a new customer account.