Thursday, September 17, 2009

FAQ's on Bra Problems

Why do underwires ALWAYS cut into me?
It is because it is the wrong shape. You can have a bra that fits however if the shape is wrong then the bra just wont work, it wont support you and it will be very uncomfortable!
This happens alot in smaller cups as all commercial lingerie companies have the same shape, their measurements are incorrect and they are not tailoring them to a woman's body. They need to move the cups a little further apart and that will stop them digging into you. If you try a French, Italian or even UK design you can see and feel the difference.

If you read my post on It's All About The Shape it will help you.

I am having problems with rashes under my breasts from heat/sweat and was wondering if you could recommend a bra or why this is happening?
From my experience I do see alot of women who get rashes under their breasts and the majority of the time it is due to an incorrect fit. If you are not getting lift from your bra then it will rub and as you mention above from heat and sweat it will cause a rash. It is because there is no air getting through.
What I would like you to do is; with your bra on look in the mirror side on, are your breasts still going South? If so then you are not getting the lift you need from your bra.
This is if the rash is directly under your breasts.
I would recommend you re measure yourself. You can read my How to Measure Your Bra Size and that will give you your bra size.

Meanwhile go to your chemist and get a cream, then you need to be fitted correctly.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Best Hosiery You Have EVER Seen!

I don't usually do hosiery but when I come across these little numbers I just HAD to share!
These fabulous Stay Ups of made by Italian brand Transperenze
Elizabeth Wells Lingerie of York, has such a selected and wonderful range of Lingerie that you have ever seen.
This is the first season that they have had hosiery, this is what Sarah Wells had to say-

"We chose to take tights instore this winter as they are a great addition to the underwear drawer & an easy way to make one outfit look different in so many ways! - Its much cheaper to buy three pairs of tights than to buy three outfits!
At Elizabeth Wells we want to continue to offer our customers with things that can't be found in the high street (many of our items are exclusive to us in York, many of those we're actually the only supplier in the North!
Our tights, stocking & holdup manufacturer is Italian & you can feel the quality. They are the best hold ups I've had (no messing about with re-jigging positioning due to movement - you forget they're there!) the tights are fantastic too.

The collection is adventurous, original & unconventional. They really will take you to a catwalk look! We've kept on trend for coloured tights this season (purples being a real key colour) but taken a twist with patterned as well as some plain options. There are various takes on the seamed classic - we have nude, black with a red seam & the faves black with hole detail in place of the seam. These also pick up on another trend - animal print! Animal print will be huge, and going into 2010 this trend will continue. Grey is another key colour, one pair of tights picks up on this with the grey stripe detail - its also a less obvious twist on the seamed classic. Another notable trend that is still with us are the leggings. One pair of tights look like leggings but are better as they keep your feet warm too! I wore these first & had loads of comments - even from people on the street!"

Now for ALL of my Southern Hemisphere ladies YOU are getting a sneak peak at what is going to be HOT for next winter!

Yes, it IS in York you can order online they are £18.50 which is about AU$36.00 excluding delivery which is £8 (about AU$15)Not too bad really!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bra Queen Interviews Sarah Pout

Bra Queen's Comments- Sarah is so so talented, so so captivating, so so real and just so so nice! She has built an amazing empire, you can check it her out at
Sarah's is spreading love and donating 4 of her amazing books SPROUT The Life You Love for the Love Your Life Challenge

1.Tell us about you & your business-
SPROUT is a boutique media empire designed to inspire entrepreneurs about the wonderful world of online publishing. The focus is on social media, blogging, branding and eProduct development for online business success.

2. Why did you decide to start your business?
I decided to start my business to be at home with my little darlings. Thomas is eight and Olivia is three. I wanted to create the luxury to work from anywhere in the world on my precious MacBook and be able to spend quality time with my babies.

3. What are some of the exciting things that are happening in your business?
I’m currently working on a compilation book project called SPROUT WEALTH. It’s all about how to use the Law of Attraction for Business or Pleasure. Plus, I’m writing an e-course called the BUZZ BUILDING BOOT CAMP which will teach people how to promote their businesses and services online.

4. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?
I am a self-help book junkie! I love studying the success of other people and seeing how they paved their way to create freedom.

My motivation is an organic process that usually needs to involve a really nice reward at the end of the task (like a shopping expedition or nice bottle of wine).

5. What do you think is the secret to happiness?

The secret to happiness is to choose to feel good in any given situation. Always try to climb up the ladder of your emotional guidance system and look to a better feeling thought for relief. Gratitude is an awesome secret weapon.

6. You know when life gets “challenging” what have you done in the past to pick yourself back up again?
This year has been a wild ride. The best thing you need to do is be honest about your situation and think of all of the things you can do NOW to make yourself feel even a little bit better.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in a beautiful resort-style home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I made the spontaneous decision to pack up my life for a few months and go on an entrepreneurial/spiritual journey of heal and rejuvenation.

7. What do you think are the most important attributes a person should have?
The ability to laugh at themselves, creativity and a giant capacity to forgive and forget. All that exists in NOW.

8. What is your favorite quote?

What you think and what you feel and manifests is ALWAYS a match – Abraham- Hicks.

Love Your Life Challenge

This is going to be HUGE!

I have had such an AMAZING response to the Love Your Life Challenge!

The total prize pool now over a staggering $2500 we have a vast array of prizes including-

* SPROUT The Life You Love By the amazingly talented Sarah Pout.
* A luxurious treatment from the award winning Oceana Day Spa
* Hair Make-over's from the award winning Zucci Hairdressing
* Change your life with your own Life Coach! With the awesome Susan Tyshkovsky
* Your own personal Hamper from the unique Hamperific
* Feel famous for a day with a Photo Shoot AND 8 Prints to take home from the talented Maree of MJPhotography
* To ensure you have ALL the right tools to get you organized the making your life easier Mum e Assistant is giving away 4 of her incredible books!
* Some divine Jewelery from the lovely Anne of Beauty Banquet & Cherry Mag

And the list keeps growing!

I have an amazing line up of Guest Post's that will share their expert advice on how to look and feel fantastic, like
* Imogen Lamport- This amazing lady is so knowledgeable in so many areas she will blow your mind.
Plus many more!

I have some incredible and inspirational women that are going to share their stories of Tragedy and Triumph that will motivate you and help you find yourself to let you know you're not alone and there IS way out, they will inspire you to LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Are you ready?
And have you told your friends?

To subscribe for the Challenge all you have to do is subscribe to Bra Queen and email where you live (some of the prizes are location specific, most are not!)