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Friday, January 8, 2010

Can People Change?

Change is the essence of life, don't be scared to sacrifice who you are, you don't know who you will become.

Change is such an imperative put of life and something that is crucial for growth, so why is it easier for some and not so easy for others; for the people who fear change?

Is it as simple as personality traits?
1. Some people like the feeling of not knowing whats around the corner
2. Some people love to stay in there comfort zones, where they are safe and in control

Personally, I love change because I get bored super quick and I don't fear change I fear boredom. (as much as I bang on about "How I would love to get the time to be bored"Shh don't tell :)
On the flip side of that my partner would say "You have your head in the clouds"
I would say I like to embrace life and look up, not look down.

He likes comfort zone, I like freedom so we balance each other out.

I need to look up because for a long time as much as I have always loved life there was an element of fear and anxiety.

1. Teenage years- I loved the weekends with my friends, but I always feared them because I knew my Mum's Boyfriend would be drunk and I didn't know which one of us was going to be on the end of his rampage, I always hoped it would be me because I couldn't handle watching my Mum or Brother get hurt.

2. 18 to 20's- I had a passion and a zest for life, I loved my jobs (I had several) loved my life but feared what mood my Ex Boyfriend would come home in. What kind of day did he have? God I hope he had a good one, otherwise I would be on the firing line of that one. I loved and feared him, I didn't know any different. I knew it was wrong, but how I could I change it?

People HAVE to change

I couldn't make the men above change! The only thing I could do was change MYSELF. As scared as I was to leave and change because I didn't know what was around the corner but it couldn't get any worse.

I changed, I walked away. I left ALL of my material things behind me house and contents. As much as I had nothing I had EVERYTHING, I could breathe for the first time ever. Vowed that I would NEVER let that happen again and I didn't.

The people who hurt you shape you!

I can't change them, but they changed me.
I have strength, determination and I look up ALWAYS UP! BECAUSE I LOVE LIFE.

Change is growth, enjoy your journey and evolve.

How have you changed, what is your story? Everyone has a story...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How To Find The Right Swimwear For Your Body Shape

This has to be the only time a woman fears going shopping!

So let me break it down for you. Ask yourself-

* What do you like most about yourself? Concentrate on those assets and camouflage the other not so flattering assets. That way you will create balance.

Know your body shape- Are you A,V, X, 8, O, H or I

How to find the right swimsuit for your shape

H and I Body Shapes

Do: Try to create curves and shape

Don't: Wear sporty style swimsuits they will do nothing for you.

Try To: Draw attention to your hips by wearing bottoms that sit on your hips, this will create shape. Look for Tops with ruffles, a balconette bra or halter necks will add shape and strapless one-pieces are great for H and I body shapes.

V Body Shapes

Do: Draw attention to your bottom half and minimize the top

Don't: Wear Halter neck styles or tops with detail at the top. Your aim is to draw attention away from your shoulder line so plunging necklines and tiny bikini bottoms are out.

Try to: Find Bikini bottoms that have lots of colour/print and also has something like ties, belts and sashes at your hip. Go for wide shoulder straps and square necklines and your 2 seconds away from gorgeous.

A Body Shapes

Do: Draw attention away from your hips and behind.

Don't: Wear Boy legs, skimpy bottoms and anything with a frill on your swimsuit bottoms.

Try to: Create activity on the top half, like bows or frills that will draw the eye up and to give you balance. You can also wear a solid colour bottom with a print top.

O Body Shapes

Do: Try to show skin in the right places ;)

Don't: Wear anything with a lot of pattern or print.

Try to: Wear a suit that will accentuate your curves and give shape. Cross-over necklines are flattering and solid straps are great to keep you well balanced. A deep V neckline is perfect also Darker colours are best.

X and 8 Body Shapes

Do: Emphasize your curves.

Don't: Wear anything that has any details at your Hip or low-cut legs.

Try to: Look for a swimsuit that has structure and support at your bust. A sleek one piece or two piece it may have a Halter neck, wider straps and underwire will ensure your comfort and also provide a beautiful shape. Go for high cut legs, it will add length to your body shape.

What color swimwear will suit me?

Most people can wear color when they wear swimsuits.

Patterns can be tricky as can fluorescent they can make you look larger, so keep it simple.

Golden Rule: Flaunt your assets and draw attention AWAY from your problem areas.

Don't try to cover yourself with board-shorts or sarongs you will end up making yourself look larger. You are drawing attention to it not from it.

You can get lovely swimwear dresses or fitted kaftan's, look for those.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How To Use The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction does it work?

* Does it work,
* Is it real, or
* Is it nonsense?

How you perceive The Law of Attraction is different for everybody and if I simplify it this is how I see it.

I am a HUGE believer in the Law of Attraction and everyone has to start somewhere when they first discover it, some may even live by it without even realising it has a name.

What did the Law of Attraction teach me?

It taught me that I had the power to control every single aspect of my life, but first I had to not only live by it in the present but also to use it to work through "my stuff" from the past. If I was going to move forward then I HAD to understand my past, learn from it and move on. Then I could focus and know what I wanted in the future, IF I listened. For me that is the secret to the Law of Attraction, to listen; to what the divine or life is trying to tell us. To trust the process of life, as my all time favorite Louise Hay would say.

To live and breathe it as a way of life and not using it like a tool to get what you want. Kind of like "Healthy Living" opposed to "Going on a diet". If your not in it for the long haul then it's just not going to work.

There is goal setting, vision boards and I whole bunch of stuff that you can do all of which I wholeheartedly believe in, is that The Law of Attraction? Personally I think it's an element of it, however there are many elements to the Law of Attraction.

What can the Law of Attraction do for you?

By listening, trusting and allowing yourself to be The Law of Attraction can-
* Allow you to Love yourself, unconditionally
* Allow you to be loved, unconditionally
* Allow you to have emotional security
* Allow you to have financial security
* Allow you to have the Profession you were meant to have
* Allow you to be happy
* Allow you to be Free

How do you view the Law of Attraction?

Don't forget SPROUT WEALTH is now available as an ebook and very soon in Paperback, this book is jam packed filled with inspiration from Female Entrepreneurs who live by the Law of Attraction.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bra Review on Dalia Lingerie

Cost- $90 to $100 (I will get an accurate RRP)
Lift- 9/10
Separation- 10/10
Quality- 10/10
Shape- 9/10
Material- 9/10

Over All- 9.5/10

Bra Queen's Comments- Jiminy Cricket! I LOVE THIS BRA... Those words RARELY come out of my mouth. But everything about this Bra is divine, shape great, lift great, comfort awesome and it's HOT. There is quite a bit of stretch in the back so make sure it's a snug fit across the back and on the loosest hook. it brings your breasts forward so it's really slimming as well, you gotta love that :)

Dalia is a Polish Lingerie Company, not readily available in Australia just yet, however I will be working hard to get it out there for you guys because it is a great bra. They are more Bras in this collection that I can't wait to try, so as I get them I will let you know my thoughts. They are available at it's not on their site so you will have to contact them for more info!

Disclaimer: The views, conclusions, findings and opinions of the author are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the product owners, producers and there affiliates.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who's The Sexiest?

I am so excited about 2010! Bring it on, its going to be a cracker.

I WASN’T so excited when I stepped on the scales this morning and discovered I have put on 3kg over what was one of the greatest Festive Seasons ever.
So now I have a whopping 8kg that I would LOVE to say goodbye too. My Baby Girl is 13months now so therefore no longer an excuse.

How can I lose weight?

First things first no more alcohol! Ok that is just not realistic- Cut down on alcohol,
Replace and replenish- For the next 5 days I am nourishing my body with a vegetable soup for lunch and dinner.
Healthy Snacks- No chips, no cheese, just fruit.
Step up the exercise- I have been using my usual exercise time and doing work so I need to adjust my schedule and fit exercise in. Aim 4 times a week.

After my 5 day cleanse I will continue on my normal eating regime as per prior to the festive season.

FACT- Most people will put on between 1 to 4kg over the Christmas period.

How much did you put on and how are you going to lose it?

Who's The Sexiest?

When I was getting my HOT new haircut I was reading Marie Claire and I came across an interesting piece.

Australian fashion Magazine Marie Claire conducted a Dress Size Survey of 6 women ranging from sizes 6 to 16 and they put it to the public to see which one people thought was “The Sexiest”

59% said the Size 12
13% said the Size 14
10% said the Size 16
Less than 10% preferred Size 8 and under.

• Size 16 is the average dress size in Australia compared to Size 18 in America.
• The average waist size is 87.5cm and if you are over 25 it goes up an average of 2cm every 5 years.
• The average weight in Australia is 67.7kg.

So is society is changing back to a more realistic view as to what women should look like? Clearly men and women have a totally different perception of what “Sexy” is.
Personally I would LOVE for us all to know that we are all different and we need to embrace what God has given us and dress to our body shape and know that as long as we are Healthy & Happy then that IS the bigger picture.

Happy New Year Guys! May it bring you everything you would like it too xxx