Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who is Your Family?

To me my family is not just my partner and my 2 girls. Yes they are my immediate family of course.
But just because I have 2 children does that mean that my "other" immediate family my Mum and my siblings, does that mean they are no longer my family? NO. To me that is just crazy, as if they are now any less important.
Why in God's name would anyone think that your immediate family has to change? It doesn't and it shouldn't.
It is YOUR choice if you CHOOSE to make it that way. BUT know that once you decide to go down that road. You are saying goodbye to your family, your support network and maybe your friend. Is that what you what? Who is really missing out? You, your partner or your children? Just because you too far up your own arse to think about other people.

I am still as protective of my family now as I have ever been. I have always and will continue to put myself out there and wear my heart on my sleeve because I CHOOSE to live my life and to FEEL to LOVE so much that it brings a tear to my eye just to write this! But that is MY choice and it is up to you how you choose view it.

You my may choose to think about "Oh my god I can't believe she just said arse instead of bottom" or you can choose to view it as "Wow, she really does love and put herself out there"
You can to choose to let any little petty thing that someone else says or does get to you. She said this instead of that. To me it's WHATEVER because if it comes from your heart then I will love and respect whatever you choose to say and look beyond any imperfections you have, say or do. That is my word xx IF the respect works both ways.

My family is now not just the people I grew up with and not just partner and my 2 beautiful girls but my family is ALL of my support network my family, my "other" family and my friends.

I don't care what tittle a person has. If I am there for you and you are there for me. In good times and in bad with no judgments, no disrespect. Then YOU are my family and I thank you xx

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy Week for The Bra Queen!

I have had the biggest week EVER! And it's only Wednesday.

It's amazing how your life can turn around so quickly. As you know I got featured in The Age on Monday, Tuesday I got to share my passion with 140 women, which was just fantastic hosted by the lovely Josie from Klass Events.

FINALLY! Our slab went down on our house.

I feel like this is my turning point. So like anything new it's really exciting but I must admit the butterflies in my tummy are having to share a space with my nervous twitches as well!

So today I think I need to sit down with a cup of tea and let everything digest and sink in. So then I can plan my next move!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Age & The Bra Queen

All Strapped In

COINCIDING with the Busting Out caper by bosom buddies Emma Powell and Bev Killick at The Athenaeum, Renee Mayne, who calls herself the Bra Queen, is conducting the Bra Survey 2009. Mayne, who runs the online sales site Alluring Lingerie, is not running a census-style count of bras, instead she wants women who wear DD cups and beyond to advise what style of bra they want, be it sports, strapless, sexy or one that offers "comfort, support, lift and shape". If Emma and Bev get a spare moment in between handling watermelons, their insights would be invaluable.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Me in a Nutshell!

Everyone has a passion in life, if you haven’t find one! Mine is making people feel good.
I love the satisfaction I get when I fit a woman for a bra and the confidence it brings her.
Knowledge is power. Everyone needs to know what a great fitting bra looks like and shape is just as important.
Now for women with big boobs most of us have gone through our lives with ill fitted bras or something that looks like we stole it from our Grandmother (no offense Granny)
It became my mission to find nice bras for bigger busts. Like every woman I like to feel good about myself, but well I'm so sick of buying Nana bras.

Not one Australian company makes QUALITY bras that actually do what they are suppose too.
So I thought bigger, I began to source and research Lingerie in Fuller Cups on a world wide scale. Well it paid off because I found that beautiful, sexy bras are made for larger cup size ladies.
I took it further; I thought "Well I just don’t want to wear sexy bras on weekends or special occasions. I want to feel that way everyday!"

So I sourced Lingerie Sets that are supportive AND sexy.

And that is the entire Alluring Lingerie collection.

Each bra has been carefully sourced to ensure it is cutting edge fashion, great shape and support but most importantly of the high quality at an affordable price.

One Life, One Chance.
That’s a bit scary when you think of your life like that!
Everyone is so busy, so time poor and I really can’t remember lives ever being this crazy can you?

We need to start enjoying life
Think about what makes you feel good?

• If you are a spiritual person you will believe you have a core.
• If you are a scientific person you will believe you have a chemical balance.
• If you are a builder you will believe you are structurally sound.
• If you are into computers you will believe in your hard drive.

No matter whom you are or what you believe in. Everyone has a core that balances you and makes you feel right.

If you’re off centre, you don’t have sound scaffolding or you are missing your hard drive.
You can’t function to your full potential. It is like wearing an uncomfortable or ill fitted bra. It will kind of do the job maybe but not well, and in the long run not at all.

So think of a bra as setting the foundation, if you get that right the rest will just fall into place. Improve posture, it’s slimming, extremely comfortable and it will make your clothes look nicer but most importantly it will give you confidence it will make you feel good.

It’s something so small that will make such a huge difference in how you feel everyday. It will put a bit of pepper in our step.

A friend of mine bought one of my lingerie sets and when I asked her how she was enjoying them she said “Great, I love them. I save them for when I go out”

Now I don’t know about you BUT I have 2 kids and my going out days are few and far between.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you work, what you do, it’s all totally irrelevant. It’s about feeling good within YOU.

And that starts from within. One way to do that is to wear nice lingerie EVERYDAY. I don’t care if I’m doing housework or running around after my girls or in a corporate meeting. It makes me feel good so I do it. If I feel good I’m a better Mother, Partner and Business Owner. I am much more positive and proactive through out my day.

It is not going to solve your problems or fix the world however it will clear your head and give you confidence so you can tackle everything you need to.

So what is a good fit?

You want it nice and snug around your back on the loosest hook and even from front to back. If it rides up your back it’s too big! It will put your back out.

Cups- You wants your whole breast to be in the cup, no gapping or spillage and underwire is to be flush against your chest.

Straps- You should be able to fit a finger under them.

Shape- Is just as important, in a nut shell.
Most bras you see these days are the triangle shaped ones. These are good if your breasts haven’t gone south.

Balcony cut bras are great for a smaller cup it will give you lift and shape and make them look fuller.

Then you have the in between it’s kind of like your sweetheart neckline. These are best for bigger busts whether our full or even if they have gone south. They give great shape, lift and will give you the support you need so you won’t want to rip them at the end of the day.

Go for it! Your Life, you're choice accountability IS the new black!