Saturday, May 22, 2010


To celebrate what has been an amazing 10 years for DeBras they are having a MASSIVE SALE 25% OFF all your favourite brands Triumph, Playtex, Berlei, Panache, Fayre Form , Bella Bodies and Curvy Kate. Offer ends 30th May so BE QUICK.

When I first spoke to Debra Kinney the founder of DeBras I could see the burning desire, the passion and the love in her eyes when she said this "I want to have bras for every body". 10 years later and it continues to ooze out of her and that's what I love about her.


Friday, May 21, 2010

The Debate on Bigger Busts

This week we seen on ACA about the new M Cup Bra, well the not so new because I know my girl Debra over at DeBras has stocked it for quite some time. So it's matter of it being available however no one importing it or not many.

Anyway that's not my debate! My debate is-

"Professionals" saying that our growing bust size is due to our growing waist line which I think is a complete load of bollocks.

We are just better educated about bras, we are catering for larger cup sizes so we aren't squeezing ourselves into small bras and we have fantastic Lingerie Boutiques that excel in bra fittings. We are actually smaller in the back with a growing amount of women being fitted with back size of 6 and 8 and cup sizes of F to J. So it's really not a matter of "Growing waist lines" at all.

Here's what Chiropractor Dr Simon Floreani says there are a number of contributing factors to our ever growing bust sizes.

"Expanding waist lines" he says is one of them.

"And there's other factors like there is oestreogen inhibotors or hormone disruptor's in much of our food, our diet, our lifestyle," he says.

Good bra support is of vital importance with heavy breasts. That I totally 100% agree with!

I stand by what I always say "Stand in the mirror side on and if your girls are south then you are wearing the wrong bra. Whether you are a D Cup or and M Cup. It's makes no difference."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Damaris Lingerie the International Player....

Damaris prevails as the ‘international player’ for lingerie

On the 13th May 2010, Europe’s biggest exhibition organizers, media partners and
fashion players gathered at The Landmark London for The UK Fashion & Textile Export Awards. Presented since 1986 by HRH The Princess Royal, President of the UKFT and the event’s organizer, the awards are the fashion industry’s very own Oscars to recognise outstanding sales performance beyond the UK domestic market.

Damaris was the official winner in the lingerie/beachwear category, sponsored by
Salon International de la Lingerie, the prize was a stand at Mode City Paris in September. This prestigious award was granted to a small and thriving business whose growth is dependent of representing Britain in international trade. Of the two brands under Damaris Ltd, Damaris, and particularly the diffusion line- Mimi Holliday,has seen extensive development in export season on season.

Since 2007, Mimi Holliday Collections have increased in stories and styles by 300%, offering 16 stories and two continuity lines. An 188% increase in sales over the past year is directly linked to the continued commitment and growing investment into four annual trade shows. Such events not only support the growth of current accounts, they also allow crucial contact with new customers, from which there is vast demand to see the collections first hand.

The deputy director of UKFT, Paul Alger, described prior to the event that being shortlisted for, or even winning an award, “tells the world unequivocally that the business is an international player and is a great encouragement to all who work for a successful exporter by recognising the contribution of the whole team”. The event was hosted by actress and campaigner Joanna Lumley, who was also keen on receiving her ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Damaris underwear.