Friday, December 11, 2009

Are You Naughty OR Nice?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Useful Information On Mastectomy Bras

OK so you’ve had a Bi-Lateral or Single Mastectomy and you would like to know the basics about Prosthetic Breast Forms. Like-

There are 15 different sizes in Prosthetic Breast Forms and they go simply from 1 to 15.

Mastectomy Bras come in the same sizing as regular bras Cups A to G, Band Size 32 to 42. So you'll have your Prosthethic Number (1 to 15) then your Bra Size.

You can get both Adhesive and Non Adhesive breast forms, the adhesive have a suede cover so you can simply place them into any bra, which can come in handy.

There are 3 weights available in your Prosthetic Breast Forms
Full Weight Breast Form- Is the natural weight of a breast.
15% Lighter- Is 15% lighter then the natural weight of a breast.
30% Lighter- Is 30% lighter then the natural weight of a breast.

If you have had a lumpology there are Breast Forms that cater for that to smooth out the appearance of your Breast.

Your first fitting can take up to 3 hours and it can be very emotional for you and that is more then OK remember your Fitter does this all the time and understands.

Swimwear Prosthetic Breast Forms are slightly different, they are made of a firmer material that is more durable in salt water and chorine and it has either indentations or is hollow on the inside so the water can drain through.
A cool tip- If you’ve had a Single Mastectomy lay down on the floor and your fitter can tell you which one looks most like your own breast.

Other Mastectomy Products-
• Mastectomy Sleepwear
• Mastectomy Sports Bras
• Mastectomy Multiway Bras

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bendon is launching a new collection, Mmmm?

OK, so call me a sceptic however after my last experience with Bendon/Elle MacPherson and "their new range" it left me mortified, me and my models! (who have perfect breasts and they even manage to make them look bad)

In January 2010 Bendon will be launching another larger cup range, in the article in which I found this delightful information states "The New Zealand-based company is turning its back on global recession by launching a new label to support a growing market – women with a D cup or larger bust size."
I'm sorry didn't they already try and failed dismally?

I am all for a new great lingerie collection however I am so so over the crap being placed on our shelves. They have HUGE marketing budgets so they try and fool everyone in thinking that it's the best bra ever and it's terrible and you get to pay for the privilege I'm sorry it's a joke. Let's just pray Bendon’s new DimitySO label actually gets put through quality control by someone who actually knows the industry.

Disclaimer: The views, conclusions, findings and opinions of the author are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the product owners, producers and there affiliates.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

After Breast Cancer…. Prosthetic Breast Forms

Do I need a Mastectomy Bra?
How do I choose the right Mastectomy Bra?
How do I care for my Mastectomy Bras?
How will I know my Bra Size or Cup Size?
Can I wear Underwire bras after a Mastectomy?
How much do Mastectomy Bras Cost?
How Do I Care for My Prosthetic Breast Forms?

Let me answer your questions! All the information you need on Mastectomy Bras.

Do you need a Mastectomy Bra? Yes! Here’s why.
• If you have had a Bi-Lateral Mastectomy and you’re thinking along the lines of “I’m quite happy living with the new me” Please get advice on this because you may find over time you will slouch. One of the reasons we have breasts is to improve our posture and it’s the natural physiology of our bodies. This may start to happen after approximately one to two years.
• Single Mastectomy- Like the Bi-Lateral Mastectomy it is due to the Physiology of the females bodies. You may find that it will put you off balance, some women have found that they fall over or are unable to walk in a straight line.
• Seek as much information as possible.

How do I choose the right Mastectomy Bra?
When your looking at your prosthetic breast forms a cool little trick to know is that a good quality breast form should bounce back when you touch it. When you cuddle someone you want your breast form to bounce straight back to it’s original shape. A poor quality prosthetic will discolour, get air pockets and become lumpy, however all of these things are warranty issues so take it back to the supplier.

Like all bras you get good quality and not so good quality, it varies so you need look for good quality materials, shape and a well structured bra.

It must be professionally fitted! Otherwise it will be extremely uncomfortable for you and you’re wasting your money.

How will I know my Bra Size or Cup Size?
It is recommended that you get fitted with a prosthetic that is the same cup size as you were prior to your Mastectomy.

Can I wear Underwire bras after a Mastectomy?
For the first 12 months it is best to wear a non underwire bra because your scar is sensitive and it will irritate and maybe even hurt. But you can buy Mastectomy bras that will still give you a great shape.

How much do Mastectomy Bras Cost?
Mastectomy Bras range from AU$52 up to AU$140- the life span of your bra should be 2 years.

Prosthetic Breast Forms range from AU$237.50 up to $459.00
The price depends on the weight of the forms because they are available in 3 different weights-
Full Weight Breast Form- Is the natural weight of a breast.
15% Lighter- Is 15% lighter then the natural weight of a breast.
30% Lighter- Is 30% lighter then the natural weight of a breast.

How do I care for my Prosthetic Breast Forms?
Think of you prosthetic breast form like your body. You wash it everyday when you take it off. Use wool mix and warm water and gently wash the form and let it dry before you wear it again.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

What is Your Creature Comfort?

What makes you, you?

• I love my coffee in the mornings but I don’t do instant it must be a real coffee.
• I am so regimented I think I must have been in the Army in a previous life.
• If I am not organised then a stress out, I don’t do “Go with the flow.”

I think one of my flaws is my desire to help people but I have to tell myself that I can’t fix everything. People must learn for themselves, we can guide, advise and encourage but ultimately it is out of my control and whatever will be will be, that is life.

• Different doesn’t mean wrong
• If you learn from mistakes then it’s not a mistake
• It is better to give then receive
• Friendship & Love does not come with conditions; you can not be that selfish.
• Time heals as long as you don’t avoid, be open to all possibilities.
• Welcome people and life don’t shut people out in fear of getting hurt, feeling is living
• Trust is a two Way Street; before you judge someone make sure you look at your own actions, how did you come across to the other person? People act and react for a reason.

Life is short and you don’t know what’s around the corner, what can you do today that will help mend that rift a little?