Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bra Dictionary

I don’t know about you but have you been in a Lingerie store recently?

Where do you start we have gel bras, cream bras, water bras, molded bras, padding, soft cups ARHHHHHHHHHHH

I just want I bra that fits, looks good and comfortable. Too much to ask, sometimes yes!
Then you ask yourself is the sales assistant telling the truth or is she trying to sell me something or on the flip side you can’t find anyone to ask, FRUSTRATING.

You get it home wear it and it’s uncomfortable or pulling at it all day long and can’t wait to take it off at the end of the day.

Let me give you the down low-

Gel Bras: - Has exactly that. Gel inserts to make your breast look bigger. The 1st gel bra was invented by U.K brand Ultimo. They were the bras Julia Roberts wore in the film Erin Brockovich. They give you a very natural shape and are very comfortable.
Not available in Australia however Alluring Lingerie do stock Ultimo and happily do special orders.

Their have been variations since like: -
Water Bras- Are the same as gel except they have water. Popular however they can be heavy and depending on the shape can look a bit pointy.

Cream Bras: - Are again designed to make your breasts look bigger. I have found that you will either love or hate the cream. They feel quite firm being a harder consistency then gel or water.

Molded Bras: - A lot of people confuse a mold as padding. It isn’t padded it is a slight mold to give you shape and contouring. Ladies like these because you can’t see your nipple under your t-shirt.

Padded Bra: - Has foam at the base of the bra to give lift and enhance your bust size. Personally I think they aren’t as comfortable because the foam isn’t flexible so your boobs aren’t able to mold with the padding.

Soft Cups: - Are just that, a lot of women are a bit spectacle of wearing soft cups because they are paranoid about nipple showing. However for the large or fuller breasted lady these are probably the best you can wear. Your breasts don’t have to try to suit the mold and the shape.

Golden Rule: - If it feels uncomfortable when you try them on then that won’t change when you get them home.

Things to look for: -

• You want the band to fit snugly on the loosest hook and sit evenly from front to back.
• Straps snug and you should be able to fit your finger under it.
• Cups are to have no spillage or gapping
• Underwire is to sit flush against your chest.

Be careful- Sometimes Professional Fitters are still “sales” and sometimes when you are a larger size they will alter the size to something they have in stock. As you know the majority of people don’t cater for the larger cup size. But fuller cups NEED the perfect fit in order to get support and comfort. It will even improve your posture and it is very slimming as it gives you lift and shape.

If you need more help finding your Bra Size please read How To Measure Your Bra Size