Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My NEW site is up! Finally, it's been a long time in the making :)

Which one is for you?

BRAQUEEN.COM.AU is for Lingerie Businesses or Business Owners. When you subscribe you receive a FREE REPORT on "5 Tips to SKYROCKET Your Lingerie Business". On this site it has all of my Business Coaching services, I blog about Business and Lingerie; how to improve and create a better business, what's happening within the Lingerie Industry and how to make your business rock!

It is made for lingerie businesses however all businesses are welcome everyone will/can learn.

BRAQUEEN.BLOGSPOT.COMwill not change, it will continue to be Lingerie, Lifestyle and Loving Life!
I will be re launching it very soon however don't worry the content will not change!

Personally I am looking forward to ensuring both sites continue to be awesome! You guys help make it awesome so a BIG THANK YOU for your emails, comments and your support.

2010 is going to go OFF!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Don't Assume!


Why is it that we only really make assumptions when we are not confident in a situation or comfortable with a person that you may be on shaky ground with?

Funny isn't it?
Most times we are wrong, we are looking into something that isn't really there. Therefore we're stressing over nothing!

What I want you to do over the holidays IS
* That family member who is talking about you over the room,
* The conversion that ended as soon as you arrived,
* She said this, he said that.

What we do is think this-
* No! They are not talking about you or if they are they're saying "Boy she is looking goooood!"
* It ended because the conversation finished not because they didn't want you to hear it!
* No they didn't OR if they did go directly to the source and ask them! 99% it has been totally misconstrued along the way!

There don't you feel better? Remember it and practice it and NEVER ASSUME!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Are You a Stress Head?

Do you stress over nothing?

Some people were just born to stress! Whether it be-
* Time management,
* This can't happen, because that might happen
* What if this happens...
* I might make this person angry
* I heard this person said this so.....

Some people just think the worst about EVERYTHING! Doubt everything and everyone, maybe they like it, maybe it's a creation of the cards life has dealt them.....

Some people just worry blah blah blah GET OVER IT!

Sure we have our days we feel like we are drowning in work, feel flat, feel sad whatever.
I have this rule were I try to think -
OK! Is this a HUGE problem?
Will I worry about this in 6 months time?

If the anwser is NO, then RELAX.

* STOP! Think about the problem.
* Concentrate on ONE thing, write a list and mark it off as you've done it.
* What choices do you have? There are ALWAYS choices! Even if you feel like there isn't.
* Go for a walk to clear your head.
* Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

If the house is messy! Don't stress just clean it.
If there is a mark on the floor, don't stress just wipe it.
If you haven't done your shopping, don't worry go and do it or order it over the net if you have too.

Solutions! There are ALWAYS solutions.....

DON'T STRESS! Let's just take one step at a time.