Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 4 WINNERS, Love Your Life Challenge

A BIG THANK YOU to you all for your amazing contributions.

I have had alot of emails asking me when the Love Your Life Challenge will be available as an ebook and hopefully it will be available in January.

This weeks 2 lucky WINNERS of the Life Coaching seasons are-

Flutterbye & Jade Craven- I know this will help you in your journey and help you create the amazing life you both deserve.

I will email you details.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 20- Do You Love Your Life?

Something I always have to remind myself of and try to inject into my life is the fact that we live in one world.

Are you caught up in your own little world?
Are you open to allowing yourself and others to share your world?

As much as we drift through our lives at different speeds and the currents take us in different directions, it is still important to love unconditionally sometimes that's easy and sometimes it hurts. But for all it hurts at least I can say that by allowing myself to love, I allow myself to live honestly and passionately.

I do not pretend and I WILL NOT pretend! Only I can change my life and how I choose to view things and people.
For me I have to learn that I can't help people unless they are willing to help themselves and then I can only guide them and encourage them.

I have learnt alot during this Challenge and I hope you guys have too.

The most valuable thing I have learnt in 2009 is-


Day 19- Love Your Life Challenge, Love Affair

Being the One to Find the One
6 Steps to Creating Your Love Affair!

Guest Post by Susan Tyshkovsky Whether you are single or in a relationship this is for everyone however if you're single GREAT ADVICE!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to find the love of your life?
Is it your dream to find a life partner who will cherish, love and adore you?

Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible. It cannot be seen or measured. Yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment. And offers you more joy than any material possessions ever could. There may be no other word that is so loaded with meaning, emotion, opinion, fear, heartbreak, joy or ecstasy. Yet, in the human experience there is also nothing more important. We can have amazing children, a great job, healthy body, financial abundance and spirituality- and yet, without someone to share it all with, our lives have less meaning and fulfilment.

Experiencing a deep, profound love allows you to revolutionise every aspect of your life.

At Life by Creation we believe that in order to create and experience an extraordinary, tremendous, fulfilling relationship, you must first work on being the one- to find the one.

Creating the relationship that will transform your life may not just ‘happen’- but inside of you, right in this very moment, you do have the power to find, create, and reconnect with the love of a lifetime.

You have to overcome your fears, be more aware of who you are at your true core, and master the skills and disciplines that will transform your existing relationships-, your future relationships - and your entire life.

Step 1: Letting Go

Take a moment to think about a past relationship where you really, really hoped that they were the "one." It can be really digging deep into your past, or perhaps as early as this year. Ok- once you can get past the visuals and giggles of the old hairstyle you were sporting- and memories of that old flame... I'll bet you are now happy that your wishes for him to ‘be the one’ didn't come true. Sometimes we have to let go of what we think we want or need- in order to let the divine timing of the Universe work in our favour. Let’s face it; we can’t control anything in life except our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. Although I do admit- sometimes it would be nice to!
I have found that the key to letting go - is to trust that I can be clear about everything I want (love, happiness, fulfilment) without having to be obsessive about it. Let go of your need to be the boss of the Universe, let go of the past, and live in gratitude for the love and happiness that you have in your life right now, trusting that more is on the way.

Step 2: It’s about coming home

One of the best things about sharing your life with your soul mate is having a life filled with unconditional love. Soul mates are often each other's best friend and as such the relationship becomes a "place to come home to’ when life becomes difficult or stressful or scary. This "place to come home to" is both a physical place in your home as well as an emotional space in the relationship.

While you are in the process of becoming a magnet for love, create a physical space in your home right now that is your emotional ‘place to come home to’. It can be as simple as your favourite chair in the bedroom, relaxing in your bathtub or a new loveseat under a tree in your backyard. Use this space on a daily basis to focus your attention on your intention for attracting your ‘Love Affair’ to you.

On the emotional side, have a think about whether you are ready to create this space for your Love Affair to happen right now. Remember, the process of manifesting a soul mate is one of making space for him on all levels of your being and in all areas of your life.

Step 3: We get what we focus on

Do you know that more people put more time and energy into planning their next holiday than they do planning their life? Think about the last time you researched your holiday or recent travels. Chances are, you probably knew before you went to the Travel Agent that you wanted the holiday to be tropical, or adventure filled, or Cultural with sightseeing, right? And, you may even have had a budget in mind. And, I'll bet that once you spent some time searching for that particular type of holiday- that you eventually found the perfect destination.

You were able to manifest your holiday because you had a clear vision of what you were looking for. Manifesting a soul mate can be nearly as effortless if you first have a clear vision of what he or she will be like.

First begin with the physical traits and make a specific list that includes age range, height/weight range and appearance.

Next, begin to list the qualities of the personality that most appeals to you. Finally, and most importantly, add to this list descriptions of how you will feel in this relationship. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine how you feel as you are walking through life with this special person. Do you feel love, cherished and adored? Do you feel connected, trusting, joyful and serene? Breathe into these feelings while visualizing your new life with your soul mate.

Step 4: Making way for the new

Ever notice that right after you spring clean your wardrobe you find yourself shopping for new clothes?

In order to attract your dream man- your Love Affair- you must create positive space in your life. It is now time to clear out the old relationships. Obviously if you are dating someone or in a relationship that's not working, it's time to cleanly and responsibly end it. For those of you who are single, look and see who you might be still be hooked on and find a way to move on. And, for those of you who are totally free and ready to commit BUT are still having casual sex with the neighbour, the ex-lover or whoever you meet out on a Sat’s time to let that go as well. By focusing all of your energy - sexual and otherwise - on manifesting your ideal mate you will send the Universe a clear message that you are ready and there is nothing and no other 'body' standing in the way.

Step 5: Harnessing the Power of Masculine and Feminine Energy

I absolutely love the saying- Opposites attract. I use this saying with my clients at least 10 times a day!
In science, the attraction of opposites is called polarity. In human relationships, many types of polarity also exist- we are attracted to those things in people which are different to what we find in ourselves; they stimulate emotions and sensations that are different from the way we stimulate ourselves. In romantic intimacy, polarity refers to the play between opposite energies- the masculine and the feminine. They are responsible for sexual attraction and passion.

Do you have a role model for polarity in romance? Who is your ideal couple? The old saying "if I can see it I can believe it," is valid because for most people, as "seeing is believing." If there isn't a couple in your life that demonstrates the type of Love Affair you plan to have, then identify a couple you don't know to focus on. My favourite couple are Noah and Allie from the movie The Notebook. It’s a sentimental movie for me that really touches my heart and reminds me of what it was like growing up to witness my parent’s own Love Affair. Start to study successful partnerships and look for what you want in your Love Affair- don’t focus on what you don’t want. Start looking for couples to admire and learn from.

Step 6: Decide

Make the choice right now. Decide that you are ready, willing and available for your Love Affair.

Allow yourself to really "feel" what it feels like to be deeply loved and connected. Meditate on it. Curl up at night in bed for a few moments and notice the feelings of what it will be like to have your Love Affair. What will it look like, smell like, and feel like? What will you be telling yourself? Remember the unconscious mind doesn’t recognise the difference between what has really happened and what is made up- that is what the Law of Attraction is based on!

Know with every part of your being that the one that you are longing for is on the way to you right now. Be open to meeting and dating. Take the first steps and begin preparing your new life to include him in it! When you have cleared the clutter from your heart and mind, get over your reservations about being single and enquire about our exclusive Dinners with a Difference. If you don’t feel ready for that (yet!) give us a call at Life by Creation for some one of one relationship coaching! We only have one life!

What did you learn?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 18- Love Your Life Challenge, Why it makes you angry!

Get out your “What made me angry list”

•Read over it and highlight things that are recurring.
•Sum up each point- The root of the problem or the cause.

Was it a pet peeve or was something that made you feel quite bad?

* Ask yourself why you think it made you feel that way?
* Why it caused you to have that reaction?
It maybe something that was drummed into you as a child, it maybe a fear or it reminds you of a feeling you had when you were younger and you didn't like feeling that way.

For example-
A pet peeve or a small annoyance for me is when my partner comes home and makes a subtle, maybe not so subtle remark about the house being untidy or whatever.
Please note- I have 2 kids under 3 and have without a doubt picked the same stuff up 500 times that day :)
Core Problem- The feeling of "It not being good enough"
Why does it annoy me?
In High School my Mum used to work and not get home until 6:30pm so it was my responsibility do get the clothes off the line, do the housework blah blah blah. If it wasn't done when my Mum came home she would be quite upset.

It made me feel like it wasn't good enough, not a major thing however years later I still get annoyed at him for making me feel that way.

Moving On- I now know where it comes from and why it annoys me so I can move on and I can tell Chris "It's no biggy but I don't like it when...."

Bigger Issues-

I HATE when people think or make me feel stupid. I know a lot of people would hate this however it makes me REALLY upset.

When I was 13 we had just moved to a new town. I had just started school I didn’t know anyone and was quite nervous.
I was in my Science class and the teacher asked me question which I didn’t know the answer to.
I told him I didn’t know (I had NEVER done a science class before they didn’t have it at my last school, not for Year 8)
He was laughing and then continued to forcefully explain the answer. I was so belittled and so embarrassed I wasn’t listening, I was just looking around the class room devastated because everyone was looking at me trying to tell me the answer but my head was spinning and I just couldn’t get any words out. Just wishing the ground would swallow me up!
After the class he called for me and said “I should have stopped but I was having to much fun, Sorry.” He says still laughing.
Then one of the boys in my Science class then told all of his friends “That new girl isn’t very bright”

That is why!
For years I had always hated when people made me feel stupid, I had no idea until I did this exercise and remembered that all of those years ago Mr. Murphy did that me.

You may think your “issue” comes from no where but I guarantee you it does! It may not come to you straight away but keep thinking it will!

Why are we doing this?
1.Once you understand where it stems from you can lay it to rest. For myself knowing and remembering Mr. Murphy I can say “It wasn’t me being stupid!
It was him intimidating and belittling me to a point of humiliation” That doesn’t make me stupid! I did what every kid would have done, it makes HIM stupid.

2.If it’s something recurring then we need an action plan to fix it. If it involves another person you need to sit down, work through and come to a consensus to remove the problem. Again, validate your feelings so you can eliminate them and move on.

I got so much out of this exercise, I hope you did too.
Was it easy for you to remember or difficult?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 17- Love Your Life Challenge, Finding Freedom

Tanya Guccione

I’m the girl who everyone said would achieve nothing!
I was the 16 year old girl, who never got invited to birthday parties,
I was the girl that boys said I was the ugliest girl in school.

I was struggling to fit in at school but then I had to go home to my home life that was a complete dysfunctional disaster!

I spent most of my time with my mum because my dad was never home and when he was it was far from fun times!
I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me. I hated school and home; the one place that was supposed to be safe was filled with chaos...

I felt trapped and the only way I knew how to deal with it was to keep myself busy with the things I loved, like painting and dancing it would help me forget even if it was for a short while the reality of my life.
It use to get so bad at home that many a times I didn’t want to wake up and face another day.

As I got older I not much changed only that I worked in a hairdressing salon as a receptionist. Then one day my boss suggested I do makeup so he could book weddings in his salon because I was creative that was perfect. Little did I know at the time this was going to soon become my passion.

My workplace I began to enjoy, but my home life was still turmoil.
One night so desperate I started to pray I said "God if you’re real, you need to show me and help change my situation because I cannot do this on my own"

Well the very next day my mum said to me "On Sunday we are going to try this funky church in Essendon. Apparently a lot of young people go there"

She knew I was struggling and it was her way of trying to help.
Obviously as an 18 year old my first reaction was to say NO but then I remembered the prayer I said the night before and I thought
"Gee! He must have listened and he certainly has a sense of humor”

As I went off to the "Funky Church" I would never have thought that 8 years later would still be going every Sunday! But now I go with my husband and 1 year old daughter.
In those 8 years my parents have separated and my dad ended up in jail and as many other trying times came my way, unlike before I knew what to do and I prayed "God I cannot do this on my own" so he pulled me out of that dark place, I think- he too knew I couldn’t do it on my own.
I felt like he didn’t magically appear or make my life all hunky dory but he gave me peace and greater understanding in that nothing material in this world would make me truly happy. Now I don’t look to things or people to make me happy or give me peace, I look to my manufacturer he knows me better than I know myself...
I love my job but I don’t look to it to bring me fulfillment, I love my husband with all my heart we've been married for 7 amazing years but he's only human, I absolutely love every part and cherish every second with my daughter and feel I can guide and protect her but she belongs to God.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is be careful what you put your faith in, I love my life because I’m truly free ....
Its not about the destination it’s about the journey... when I look back at my life I want to know I left behind a legacy.... you can do anything you put your mind to. Let me share something!

Myself and 3 other girls just raised $28,000 to build an orphanage in Kumi Uganda for 8 children and 2 widows I sold all my art work to raise funds, I am part of a team called Y-GAP which build safe homes for child trafficking and sex slaves in India. For me the more I focus out and realize its about more than just me in my little cotton ball world the more God builds me up on the inside and again helps me stay focused on what’s really important!

If your definition of achievement is-
• A high paid job,
• Fancy car,
• Having a wealthy husband
• A beautiful home and
• Lots of property

Then I am not successful! But one thing I know is the creator of the universe was looking after me when he plucked me out of the most insane circumstances and has blessed me with far more than I could ever imagine...

This is just a small fraction of my story what’s made me and what’s worked for me.

I know this may not be for everyone but one thing I know for certain is that God did reveal himself to me those 8 years ago and I’ve never been the same since!

And I know the best is yet to come.

Day 16- Love Your Life Challenge, Forgiveness

Music brings people together. It's the only time we are all united.
We hear the same words, dance to the same beat and hear the same music.

Maybe that's why everyone loves it. Is it the freedom or is it the unison or is it that music has the ability to take us back to places with in an instant. It allows us to dream, reminisce and just be.

I totally get why you can heal people through music.

Because behind every person there is really just a child. A creation of what we were exposed to growing up. If you think about your pet peeves or what makes you happy I guarantee you whether you know it or not it relates back to when you were a child.

Sometimes it makes you sad and sometimes it makes you happy and that’s life. It's how we choose to process it and hopefully use it to our advantage.

You know when you see someone your entire life and for that whole time you think they are perfect, they can do no wrong because in your eyes they are perfect.

Then when you get older and wiser and time passes and 'things' happen you realize they aren't perfect and they do make mistakes.
For some stupid reason you feel disappointed in them and you think they have changed.
Then you realize maybe they haven't changed, that you are the one that has changed and grown.
For the first time you are viewing things for how they really are! It's up to you to forgive them within yourself.
They really haven't done anything wrong or different it's who they have always been. We just didn't see it before because we chose not too.

As much as it may have hurt you, that's OK. We live and learn and we move on. It is really only a problem if you don't work through and understand it.
Time is precious. Days go by, then weeks, then years. Until it's gone and as somber as that sounds, it's true. So you may think that you have more important things to do today or tomorrow but that's cop out.
Some people don't get that chance, so for the people that do get that chance it's important we do live, laugh and enjoy life and forgive.


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This is the final week, so lets bring home!