Saturday, August 29, 2009

Networking through Twitter

Twitter networking nights!
Tweet up mellers- Gives Twitter uses who live in Melbourne an opportunity to Network face to face. Which is a great way to meet new people and connect with the business world!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Boomer's VS City Mums VS Country Mums

How many times have you heard “I never I had to use a dummy and I had 10 kids” or “I don’t know what’s wrong with mums today they just can’t handle it?”

Is there something to these comments? YES!

How many couples do you know that have split up after 30 years of marriage? How many years of their marriage were they really unhappy and just put up with it?

People got married younger with out experimenting with life and with out knowing who they actually were. I am a firm believer in flying solo; no parents, no partner just you so you can find out who you are and what you want. Parents and partners persuade you in their directions they all tend to do that, dream crushers!

Women today find themselves first so they know who they are and what they want. They have a career and most importantly they know what they want. Usually, for the most part!
When we do decide to have kids it is a huge shock to the system our life as we know it has totally changed. We are no longer in control of our lives when we have babies and toddlers.
The couples who have been together since teenage years they get to their 30’s and all too often one of the spouses have an affair. The partner finds out but they don’t DO anything!
They are too scared to leave because it’s the unknown and they have lived their entire adult life with their partners and are comfortable with their lives, but are they truly happy?? Maybe, I’m sure some are. I believe the majority aren’t.

Then you go Country VS City now I am a country girl and proud of it! However I now live in the City.
Here is what I find (I am generalizing)-

Country Mum's- I believe that Country Mum’s are much more comfortable with Motherhood then City Mum’s. Country Mum’s are usually much younger and they haven’t established a career yet. They tend to Work to Live were City Mum’s Live to Work. Everything in the Country is simple; life is simple so they just seem to fall into Parenthood much easier because they just don’t seem to have the stress. On the flip side a lot of couples split up because they have been together for so long that they want to find themselves OR they have only been with one partner so when another person takes an interest it is all to tempting to experiment. (Both parents not just Mums!)

City Mum’s- A lot of the time don’t have a support network that the Country Girls have because everyone is so far away. They are also so used to doing everything for themselves they aren’t as open to help. This is where the whole career side comes into it they have established their career and worked hard to do so, and then it is put aside for a long time. They are so use to having control and then everything becomes out of your control and all of a sudden you have to learn to “go with the flow”.
City Girls relationships are usually one of two things-
Either they have lived and experimented so they tend to be much more content and happier with their partners. OR
They fall into my Pretenders Category- On the outside their life is perfect however they are pretending! Too busy to go there OR maybe they just don’t want to.


There is no such thing as a perfect parent. The grass isn’t greener and she isn’t a better Mum then you because she does more “stuff” with her kids then you do. Everyone brings to the table their own “stuff”. So city or country we are all women it doesn’t matter how we choose to parent we can not judge until we have lived in their shoes.
As women we are our own worst enemies! Do you really think men would take the time to look into all of this crap? Not on your life sister!

SO the next time you find yourself judging someone say to yourself “Get over yourself sister and don’t be such a Bi-Arch!

If you would like to read more on Guilt Free Parenting I highly recommend you check out Real Mums

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BRA REVIEW -Elle Mac Pherson

Elle Macpherson, Artistry
Cost- $74.95
Lift- 4/10
Separation- 7/10
Quality- 6/10
Shape- 4/10
Material- 6/10
Appearance- 8/10

Bra Queen's Comments- If you like "Pretty" you'll like this bra. It is really pretty, the material isn't too bad it's a fine lace so it's quite comfy on the skin. What let this bra down (literally) was the lift or lack of it. Due to the lack of lift there was no shape. It's simple without lift there will be NO shape! Although it is pretty I think it is too expensive for the lack of support you will get from this bra. Sorry Elle, I love your maternity collection for smaller cups.

Stay tuned I will be Reviewing her NEW D to G Cup Collection this week! Fingers Crossed.

Disclaimer: The views, conclusions, findings and opinions of the author are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the product owners, producers and there affiliates.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bra Queen Interviews Hamperific

I would like to start by saying that I love the uniqueness of Kirsty's business. Being in a small town can be a nightmare to do shopping, this way you can tailor a present to suit anyone! There will be one of her fabulous hampers up for grabs during the Love Your Life Challenge.

1. Tell us about you & your business.
My name is Kirsty and I am a married to Steve and Mum to Stefan, one very energetic 9 year old boy! I love to play soccer with my women’s team and watch our son play in his junior team. We moved to Mackay from Darwin 3 years ago when we decided that we needed a change from hot weather and humidity.
I am the owner/operator of Hamperific, a Mackay-based gift business. I custom make hampers, gift baskets and gift boxes for all occasions. My signature Chocolate Bouquet is the most popular and is very hard to resist, so I am told!

2. Why did you decide to start your business?
After moving to Mackay I was very unhappy with my new job and so took up labouring for Steve who is a tiler. When I wasn’t working with him I was planning my new business, Hamperific which I created nearly 1 year ago.
I genuinely love to see people smile when they receive one of my gifts or bouquets. It really makes their day – and mine!

3. What are some of the exciting things that are happening in your business?
My business is growing! I am moving in about 100 different directions and can see a stack of new opportunities for Hamperific. I now have to work out a strategy to make the most of the opportunities, or clone myself!
I am also trying to organise my Christmas (did I just swear) line for corporate clients, which I am hoping will be unique for 2009.

4. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

Keeping motivated can be hard. Sometimes it is hard to see past the email in box and to the rest of the business, but I have found some great blogs that I follow that offer some practical advice about getting things done!
I also take a break. More often than not I find if I take some time away it re-energises me to get back and get even the most tedious jobs done.

5. What do you think is the secret to happiness?
Enjoying the life we were given and make the most of all experiences. I don’t believe in regrets, but that people make decisions at the time based on the information they had. We would all love a crystal ball to see how things are going to end up, but if we didn’t make decisions we would never get anywhere!

6. You know when life gets “challenging” what have you done in the past to pick yourself back up again?
Read. I love to read and find out how things work... Identifying the things that aren’t working means that I can research how to improve them. Even though I may not be able to solve the issues right there and then (say due to financial costs) then at least I have the information for when I can afford it.

7. What do you think are the most important attributes a person should have?
Respect for themselves and for others. People need to have the ability to look at the impact they have on others and try to make it a positive one.

8. What is your favorite quote?
There are so many that I love, to chose one is HARD, but the one that I think is very important for business is: “The toes you step on today may be attached to the legs that support the butt you’ll have to kiss tomorrow!” So it is always worthwhile not burning one’s bridges!

If you would like to check Kirsty's store it's

Thanks Kirsty xx

Monday, August 24, 2009

How To Fit a Maternity Bra

When do you need to start wearing a Maternity Bra? By the time you're 14 weeks pregnant it is recommended you stop wearing under wire bras. You can either wear non under wire bra or get fitted for a maternity bra.

A Professional Fitter will be able to fit you in a way that your breasts can continue to grow and you will not need to continue to buy different sizes.

How it should fit-
* As a guide go up a cup size AND a band size
* All Maternity Bras have 6 rows of hooks. In the beginning it should fit on the middle hook. (That way your bra can expand with you & it has room to tighten once you have the baby and you lose weight)
* You should be able to fit your hand comfortably in the cup, that will ensure you will have room when your milk comes in.
* Straps you should be able to fit a finger under there. When your milk comes in you may need to loosen off your straps a little.

HOT TIP- A good Maternity Bra still needs to give you support and lift. It should also be comfortable. Some shapes will suit you better then others so I recommend you try on a few different ones.

Which Maternity Bras do I like?-
Hot Milk- They have pretty Maternity Bras that are still comfy and supportive, average price around $89.95

If your Maternity Bra Size is a G Cup Size+ I recommend Triumph's Flourish Maternity Bra it is really ugly and quite big BUT it is the only one that will give you the lift and support you need and when your girls are that big YOU NEED IT! RRP $69.95.

B to E Cups- I really like Elle McPherson's Range. The largest variety is available at MYER and several small business's the average price is $69.95.

For more information on Bra Size read How To Measure Your Bra Size

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to Choose and Fit a Mastectomy Bra

As you all know my great passion is to make women feel good and I truly believe that an instant pick me up is Lingerie. It makes my heart ache that sometimes people that the most need things (like a pick me up) are unable to get it. Like plus size women finding nice bras, larger cup size ladies OR women who have had a mastectomy. They have to search high and low just to find one.

I’m going to change that!

They go into a Bra Shop that is full of teeny boppers and have to ask about finding a mastectomy bra and the teeny boppers make these women who are vulnerable enough as it is, make them feel like they are from out of space.

One woman I spoke to went into Australia’s biggest Bra Shop to inquire about finding a mastectomy bra and she left in tears because she felt like a freak as the “Professional Fitter” (I use that term very loosely) looked at her in disgust.

So I thought I would shed some light for these beautiful, remarkable women.
The world of mastectomy bras and prostheses can be daunting for breast cancer survivors. Breast surgery is difficult enough let alone trying to shop for mastectomy bras and prosthetics. It shouldn't and needn't add any further angst.
Fortunately, today's mastectomy bras have come a long way and they come in most of the same styles and many of the same colors as regular bras. However it’s not always easy to find them.

So what do you do and where do you start?

Start by getting fitted with a mastectomy bra and a prosthesis as soon as healing is complete after surgery. (Approximately 6-8 weeks). Prosthetics are sometimes known as "breast forms," and are typically made of silicone gel inside a soft, flexible shell. They come in a vast array of cup sizes and shapes in order to match as closely as possible to the existing breast (in the case of single mastectomy patients.) Mastectomy prostheses generally come with a nipple.

You may prefer to have custom prostheses manufactured. This can help produce a breast form that more closely resembles the remaining breast in the case of a single mastectomy surgery. Customized forms are obviously much more expensive.
Mastectomy bras are designed with pockets inside the cups. The prosthesis slips snugly inside the pocket. Choose a bra that fits correctly. A properly fitted mastectomy bra will ensure that the breast form rests firmly against the chest and doesn't slip from side to side, up or down.

Single mastectomy patients should choose a breast form in the same cup size as the existing breast. The right prosthesis will fit closely to the chest without any gaps. You may need to try several different shapes to find the best fit.
Double mastectomy patients can choose any cup size when it comes to breast forms. Most women feel most comfortable choosing prostheses that are the same as her former cup size. However, it is possible to choose a smaller or larger cup size if preferred.

It's usually recommended in this case not to go more than one cup size larger or smaller. It's also recommended to choose a shape that is most similar to your own breasts and that they still complement your body shape. This will help you to make a more natural transition.
Mastectomy bra manufacturers may use different cup sizing charts from one another. Even different styles of bras made by the same manufacturer may have different sizing charts. So just make sure you read their size guide but it’s really no different to how all bras sometimes differ from shape to shape and brand to brand. You can read this to find out about bra shapes.

HOT TIP- The correctly fitted mastectomy bra should-
•Rest firmly against body but will not cut into the skin.
•It should not leave marks or indentations in the skin after removal.
•It will hold the mastectomy prosthesis firmly in place. In the case of a single mastectomy, it will appear undetectable from the remaining natural breast.
•Whether a client has had one or both breasts removed, the mastectomy bra should feel comfortable, and most of all, should look good and make her feel proud to be a breast cancer survivor.

Where to buy them in Australia?

Upon my research I have spoken to the inspirational Colleen of Colleen’s Post Mastectomy Connection and let me tell you she has been there so she knows actually how you are feeling. That is why she allows one hour to fit you for your mastectomy prosthesis and bra. She takes great pride in her work ONLY stocking mastectomy ranges like Swimwear, Lingerie, Nightwear even wigs and stylish headwear. How awesome is that!

Where is she? Canberra ACT. Yes I know she needs to be EVERYWHERE! But people travel interstate frequently to purchase her range. Colleen has the largest mastectomy collection in the southern hemisphere.
Like any “Professional Fitter” a lot of the time you still get incorrectly fitted. Once Colleen has correctly fit you she will happily send you any future purchasers because she is frequently getting new beautiful collections in. Visit her

Did you know this! You can get up to $400 back! YAY….

The National External Breast Prostheses Reimbursement Program
The National External Breast Prostheses Reimbursement Program is a new Australian Government initiative to provide reimbursement of up to $400 for both new and replacement external breast prostheses to all eligible women who have had a mastectomy as a result of breast cancer. The $400 limit applies for each prosthesis for each breast.
The Australian Government’s reimbursement program will commence on 1 December 2008 with Medicare Australia administering the reimbursements. External breast prostheses purchased from 1 July 2008 will be eligible for reimbursement. Once a claim has been made, reimbursements for replacement prostheses can be claimed no earlier than two years from the date of purchase of the last prosthesis.
Medicare fact sheet (596kb pdf)
Women can access more information about the program, including eligibility criteria and claim form by:
•visiting the Medicare Australia website,
•contacting Medicare Australia on 132 011 (call charges may apply),
•visiting a Medicare Australia office.

If you don’t want to travel I recommend you visit they are a great Australian site it’s your “where to guide” that gives you ABC shop whereabouts in EVERY state.

Other sites you may wish to visit are
National Breast Cancer Foundation

McGrath Foundation

Breast Health is where I received the delightful reimbursement info