Monday, May 24, 2010

Academic grills three-year-olds on their sexuality

Last week the Herald Sun publish an article called Academic grills three-year-olds on their sexuality where Monash University's Dr Mindy Blaise, who spent five days at an unnamed childcare centre, wants sexuality to be an official subject at kinders and preschool centres.

* Children asked about flirting, kissing
* Research inappropriate, says psychologist
* Discussions about homosexuality

CHILDREN as young as three have been questioned about kissing and flirting in a project by a Melbourne university researcher.

I too am absolutely outraged by this! I am all for research, innovation and making this world a better place but this is ridiculous and it has gone too far...

The one thing that our children have is their innocence and their freedom to be

Why would we even want analyse and jeopardise that is beyond me.
Why do we want to put our own social issues onto our children?

I love the fact that my girls can kiss and cuddle their friends just because they love them. There is nothing sinister, sexy or flirtatious about it.

My daughter says "Woohoo Sexy" all the time and there is nothing sexual about it she just thinks it's a way of expressing how someone looks and if any judgemental dirty minded person takes it any other way then that is their problem and I feel sorry for them.

The beauty of being a kid is saying whatever pops into your mind and we love their honesty don't we?