Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kiss Me Deadly Giveaway...

A little while ago I introduced you to Kiss Me Deadly,

Kiss Me Deadly has joined forces with Lingerie Addict and they are having a super GIVEAWAY to the value of over $300.

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Are you hiding behind your children?

You would have read or heard about the recent controversial comment made by French writer Elisabeth Badinter who argues that “Mothers in the English-speaking world have become slaves to their children.”

Personally I could not agree more! We do become slaves to the point where it is expected that you do which is absolutely crazy. We wonder why Post Natal Depression is at an all time high. You are forced to lose yourself in motherhood because society tells us too and we guilty if we do put ourselves first.

I could not wait to go into labour just so I felt like I had control of my body again and I can not wait for my children to go to bed just so I have a minute to breathe. It is crucial that I continue to work on my businesses even if I am straight home from hospital, I need it, I crave it and it makes me a great Mother for it. Sure sometimes I get caught up and I do doubt myself as I Mother and if I’m doing to right thing and I do put my children first. I am an absolute stickler for giving them nutritious, well balanced, home cooked meals. I control what snacks they eat, they don’t drink juice or pop maybe that is completely and totally over the top. I do cook and freeze their meals for whenever I can’t be bothered cooking because my children have never eaten food from a jar and that’s just me.

I choose to do that and I happy with my decision and I do not judge others on how they choose to parent because everyone has their thing.

For me it becomes an issue when your happiness depends on your children, I find that completely ridiculous and you are hiding behind your children and you have to yourself why?

Who were you before you had children?

What did you like?

When did you stop knowing what you actually want/like/need?

What is stopping you from rediscovering yourself?

You are an amazingly strong independent caring loving sensual woman who deserves the love support and passion from everybody that surrounds you. You are free and safe to do and be whatever you desire. I love you, do you love you?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kelly Brook for Ultimo Lingerie

Va Va Voom chickie boom chickie boom

I am just loving the lateral thinking of these lingerie designers, it's a creative way to market their brand and it's cost effective. Two of my favorite lingerie brands have ventured into the You Tube arena. I first showed you Chore by Damaris and now Ultimo has followed featuring their new model Kelly Brook. The bra she is wearing provides a great shape her breasts looks fantastic.

Working Mum's

This is a guest post by Louise Lamrock Family Therapist,
If you have any questions for Louise email me

It is my understanding that the biggest hurdle for most working mums is the emotional one rather than the pragmatics of the work load.(Not to discount this load but to manage it.)

Working mums seem to struggle to keep personal confidence levels about their performance in both and work . Key... not being over influenced by current outside opinion....mother, media,colleagues, friends.

Practical aspects can be managed.... key... is in staying two steps ahead by being well educated about child developmental stages and the communication skills that go with this.This removes major disappointment when expectations do not meet reality.
...Key...Learn the skills to being organised then Teach them to your family.... supervise from this position.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Understanding Depression Update

What a GREAT experience this has been and I can honestly say it is life changing. When we started this campaign we didn't know where or how it was going to go. I had one mission-

To understand depression and reduce the stigma surrounding it. To encourage anyone suffering to let them know that they are not alone.

After the series of posts on Understanding Depression there was so much support and I received so many emails. I decided to create a Facebook Page BE OPEN TO DEPRESSION AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT it is so moving the amount of inspiring people who have shared their stories and support it's impossible for it not to touch your heart.

But the black dog continues to haunt some people and the idea that help is out there just doesn't seem real so I urge you to please continue to spread the word and take part in this journey.

Our facebook page now has over 1000 people and it's climbing daily so I will continue to help, motivate and inspire others to understand depression.