Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Next Bras, Boobs & Bubbles VIP Night

OK so now I'm sorting out all of my Small Back and Bigger Busted sisters! Calling all size 6+ and D to K Cups.

Bra Queen takes the dreaded bra shopping experience and turns it into a great time.

Gathering a small bunch of women who have similar bra sizes and creates a night full of laughs, bubbles & bras that are made just for you. So no more searching through stores trying to find your size and shape, it’s all done for you.

Come and enjoy some bubbles and nibbles while watching a Fashion Parade with real models.

Then get Professionally Fitted into a beautiful bra that will lift, support and have your girls exactly where they should be and you’ll feel fabulous at the same time.

Gone is the dreaded bra shopping experience with ugly ill-fitted bras, you will have heaps of bras to choose from and you will leave feeling like an absolute goddess.

Tickets are $30 and they include-

* Champers and nibbles on arrival

* $30 gift voucher to spend in store on the night (excludes already reduced items)

* Real Women’s fashion parade

* Professional bra fitting

* Be uplifted by Australia’s #1 Bra Critic & Lingerie Business Coach Bra Queen

CALLING ALL BRA SIZES 6+ and D Cup to K Cups

The next Bras, Boobs & Bubbles is powered by Brava Lingerie Melbourne

Monday 17th May

6:30pm to 9pm

487 High St Prahran VIC 3181


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mum's Night Out

Last year was my 1st Mum's Night Out and not only did I have a great time but I met amazing, lovely women who are still to this day apart of my life. So it's here again and I am so in for a great night.... here is the details.

You know you want too..

You were energetic, fun-loving and didn't have a care in the world ...

You're still fun-loving, you just can't remember the last time you had some. You're tired, you're stressed, you're feeling like the worst mum in the world ...

You're feeling like a grumpy ogre, and you have for some time now ...

You haven't had a break in ages, and you haven't spoken to someone over three foot tall in such a long time ...

It occasionally crosses your mind about wanting to get out and have a bit of time out for you ...

Just imagine ... a night of no stress, no pressures and no one wanting something from you the second you sit down.

Enjoy not just the thought of someone serving YOU food and bringing YOU wine, but actually doing it. Without being asked thirty five times.

Feel the freedom of no interruptions, letting your hair down and letting loose!

Have the biggest belly laugh you've had in a long time, conversations with adults, hand massages and makeovers.

Dance, relax and have FUN! Remember that?

Go home rejuvenated and with a special give just for YOU!

Go home a relaxed, happy, smiling mum .


Monday, May 3, 2010

BQ is undergoing construction

Bra Queen HQ is a crazy camp but I great one. Bra Queen Exposed is going under construction with heaps of really cool things to keep you entertained and loving life. So with it I thought I would share my new UVP!

I feel like there's more
I was meant for more
I am destined for greatness
So how did I get here?
The underdog who's been kicked and beaten and stripped of life let alone confidence.

But I still feel like there's more, I want more....

I have to break the cycle and stop the war because I've had enough

I can do that.... I have courage

Image is to protect
Be yourself and be it well
It's for the young and the old
It's the image you uphold
You yourself have to mold.


Take action the only person stopping you is you, you ready?