Friday, December 18, 2009

Do You Smack Your Kids?

Is smacking your children appropriate behavior?

For YEARS I have heard people bang on about "The Terrible Two's" but I had no problem with Maddison. HOWEVER 3 on the other hand is a different story, man o man is she testing/naughty/driving me mental.

What is the appropriate discipline to Smack, Time out, Naughty Spot what?

Personally I am totally opposed to smacking and it makes me sick to my stomach even to think about it, don't get me wrong I have WANTED to and thought about it but never have and never will. In saying that I have heaps of friends who smack their kids and I DO NOT judge them for it, everyone is different and there is no right or wrong in my eyes. Unless of course you are betting your child to a pulp or if you hit your child it's because YOU are mad or frustrated not because you are trying to discipline them, then that is a different story.

It is such a dilemma because you REALLY don't want to raise a little shit, you have the older generation saying "I hit you kids and it didn't hurt you" or your partner saying "Clearly time out is NOT working we have to smack her"

What do you do?

I contemplate smacking thinking "OK maybe I am wrong, maybe it would work?" and when you hear "She is such a disrespectful little shit at the moment" SHE IS 3!

But after thinking about it for 2 seconds is just does not sit well with me and I do not feel comfortable with and if I do not feel comfortable with it, then that's OK because you have to be true to yourself and if it doesn't sit well, then it will not happen and it's as simple as that.

Where does that leave us? I don't know hopefully not with a spoilt, disrespectful little girl!

How do you discipline your children when time out is not working?

What kind of children are we creating Control Your Kids!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Presents....

Christmas is a week away, my goodness!
Chances are our partners haven't yet sourced and purchased our Christmas presents.

Personally I LOVE the element of surprise however I am a little frighten as to what I might get. Over nearly 11 years I have had some great pressie's and well not so great ones that are still in their boxes.
The down side about being the Bra Queen is I NEVER receive lingerie (from him anyway)and well this may come as a shock to you but I LOVE lingerie! I think he has forgotten :)

Do you run the risk of getting a bad present? Or do you tell your partner what you want for Christmas?

I have done both in the past and this year I am braving it, so I'll keep you posted!

What do you want for Christmas?

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Monday, December 14, 2009

When We Judge....

You know you can have one event and two stories! But multiply the people involved and you multiply the stories.
When we judge someone we are not defining them we are defining ourselves and I really do not want to be that person. Everyone has and is entitled to have freedom of speech and think whatever they choose and no one has the right to judge or take that away. Someone might be on your side but they will still have their own view and their own take on a situation. So go direct to the source deal directly with that person and stop all assumptions and fix the problem.
I really do not think anyone purposefully goes out the hurt someone sometimes it just happens, it doesn't make them a bad person. They just did what they thought was best at that time, and that's OK.

What can you do today to make someone feel good?

Breast Reconstructions after a Mastectomy/Breast Cancer

You have just had a Mastectomy or you know someone who has?
You don’t know whether or not to get a Breast reconstruction?

You want and need to get back to feeling like yourself as quickly as possible and everyone will encourage you too, including me.

Some of the things you’ll want to know and think about are-

• There was a survey conducted by The Wollongong University with women that have had a single Mastectomy the findings were-
1. 22.5% of women have a reconstruction after a Mastectomy.
2. 17.5% of them fail.

This is only in Single Mastectomy’s, Bi-lateral Mastectomy’s are usually fine.
1 in 6 of Mastectomy’s are Bi-Lateral, this number is increasing due to Gene Testing.

If you have had a single Mastectomy and are thinking about have a reconstruction you may want to think or ask the Surgeon about-
• If the cancer returns it often does to the original site, will you be able to detect it?
• If one breast is natural and one is an implant what happens when you age or have kids? The O’ Naturale one is going to go south and the implant will not. This will create then scales to lean to one side if you know what I mean?

Questions to ask your surgeon-
Before your consultations-
• Do your research
• See more then one Plastic Surgeon

Ask Questions like-

1. Will you be able to detect if the cancer comes back?
2. What is the recommended cup size?
3. Ask for referrals from other women who have had a Mastectomy and he has preformed a reconstruction.
4. Do you think I can have a reconstruction?
5. When would you advise me to have the reconstruction?
6. Which type of reconstruction do you advise for me and why?
7. What are the possible problems with this type of reconstruction?
8. How long will I be in hospital and how long will it take me to recover at home?
9. How much will it cost? Am I covered by Medicare? Am I covered by my private health fund?
10. What will the new breast look and feel like?
11. Can I see photos of other women who have had this type of reconstruction?
12. Can I still have a mammogram after having the reconstructed breast?

If there are answers you do not understand, feel comfortable to say ‘Can you explain that again?’ or ‘I am not sure what you mean by…’

If you would like to read more on things like-• Sexuality and breast reconstruction
• Pregnancy after a reconstruction
• Financial issues
• Making the decision

Go to

Or you can telephone the Cancer Council Helpline on 13 11 20, Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 6 pm.