Friday, November 13, 2009

Sociographic’s- What a Croc! Try a Piece of Humble Pie…

Sociographic- Is the branch of sociology that uses statistical data to describe social phenomena.

I’m sorry this is a term I think is completely and utterly ridiculous. Made up by someone who is completely up themselves and wanting to feel better about their sad, sad lives! And anyone who actually believes this ridiculous term is no doubt the same.

Harsh? Maybe,

I heard someone say once “The reason they behave like that is just because of the sociographic’s of your workplace”
Oh really! Ms I am qualified as a big fat nothing who has NEVER done a days work you actually liked, worked your complete arse off not for the money but because you LOVE what you do. Who expects everything to just fall into your lap and happy for everyone around you to make it happen FOR YOU! Then when they DO accomplish something, all you do is criticize or better say “Well now you have to so this.” Blow me!

What, if you work in a store you’re wasting your life? Or
You don’t know how to behave?
Does it make a difference if they own the store?
Does it make a difference that they love their life?
Does it make a difference that they are happy?

Who are YOU to judge? Anyone who has used this term in a sentence to categorize someone lacks self esteem.

• If you feel the need to use words no one speaks- Which by the way we know the meaning; we just don’t have the self esteem issues you do. You sound like a try hard!

• If you write an email to someone who you know really well but can’t even give the person the respect of being sincere; because there is no compassion behind your words. Don’t email.

• You think by doing this you are coming across as professional or intelligent. You’re not, sorry. All you are doing is coming across as cold, unapproachable, up yourself and yes a total try hard.

Are you telling me that people in high paying jobs don’t behave badly? Don’t be ridiculous!
How many men do you know in high paying job think “It’s Ok if I sleep with that woman because I’m on a crap load of money?”
Oh oops! Do wealthy people say crap load?

Everyone has the ability to behave badly and everyone has at one stage or another and that’s OK because we live and learn we grow up!

I know many successful people and what I LOVE about them is:
• Not that they are mega successful
• Leading experts in their fields
• On a crap load of money
• Passionate, beautiful and inspirational people

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE that they are all of those things but do you know the one thing they ALL have in common?

THEY ARE HUMBLE! The most humble people I have ever met, you would not even know how successful they are unless someone told you. They will talk to anyone because they know you learn from everyone!

A piece of humble pie anyone?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to be Successful!

I love meeting inspirational women, who know what they want and go after it. I love the passion and determination behind their eyes. I love it even more when their passion and determination is paying off for them.

How to be Successful!

• Know what you want
• Be passionate about it
• Have a clear picture of what you want and write it down.
• DO NOT stray from your vision! It‘s easy to spread yourself too thin thinking by doing so you’ll cater for more people. You will not.
• Have your niche, master it, THEN think about expanding.
• Perfection is the poison of all possibility- Do things well however if you are waiting for perfect it will NEVER be so it will never happen. We evolve, things evolve. Do it well now, don’t wait.
• Follow your gut- Trust yourself don’t under estimate the power of your intuition.
• Love yourself and treat people the way you like to be treated.
• Don't think Why? - think Why not?

Have I missed anything?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bra Review on Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate's Emily, Princess, Ella, Angel, Portia Curvy Kate's Soft Cup Bras
Cost- $94.95
Lift- 6/10
Separation- 8/10
Quality- 6/10
Shape- 4/10
Material- 4/10

Over All- 5/10
Bra Queen's Comments- Firstly a BIG Congratulations to Curvy Kate winning our Best DD+ Bra award. They are really pretty bras. I was so so excited to review them, I could wait to get my hands on them!
Sadly I found the material a little scratchy, but that may soften with some fabric softer:)
The underwire on these bras stops short under your arm pits, I assume to cater for the women who don't like the feeling of it rubbing under their armpits? BUT it is there for a reason, it comes up higher for support and to distribute the weight of your breasts evenly. So in turn it causes the underwires to really dig into your chest, not just a little I'm talking serious digging in. It is really uncomfortable, I can see the underwires coming out of these bras very quickly.

They also have-

Showgirl by Curvy Kate's Tease Me and Thrill Me Curvy Kate's Semi Soft Cup Bras (They have a really soft, thin mold)
Cost- $99.95
Lift- 9/10
Separation- 9/10
Quality- 7/10
Shape- 8/10
Material- 7/10

Over All- 8/10
Bra Queen's Comments- Showgirl by Curvy Kate, Thrill me and Tease me have a great shape, really comfortable and supportive. They look fantastic. I really like them and recommend them. They are a 3/4 cup or balcony cut bra therefore if you are super active during the day they may not be supportive enough and you may pop out of the top. However I could wear these all day with my 2 toddlers and still be supported and I'm pretty active. The underwires are exactly where they are suppose to be :)

#Semi Soft cup bras we are beginning to see much more of coming out of Europe and I am loving them they have the comfortable factor of a soft cup how they just mold to your natural shape and the benefits of a molded or preformed bra like providing shape.
# I love the fact that right now Curvy Kate is only available in Small Businesses who know their stuff like Debras. I hope for the small businesses they stay that way, however I have my doubts *wink* *wink*
If you are outside Australia then a highly recommend the awesome

Disclaimer: The views, conclusions, findings and opinions of the author are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the product owners, producers and there affiliates.

Suck It Up Sister! Happiness is....

Sometimes the key is what you can not see.
Are you one of those people who bang on about how bad your life is but refuse to change anything?
Hello! Nothing changes if you don’t!

Chances are you are the one that is manifesting this life you “so don’t want” AND I’ll put my hand up and say you are blaming every man and his dog but haven’t stopped to think that it maybe you.

Life can be tough, business can be tough: that’s why you have to Keep It Simple Stupid, that’s right K.I.S.S me baby!

Are you grasping at straws trying to please everyone? Well stop right there sister! You’ll never win that battle. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, suck it up and make it right.
Take action!
Stop deluding yourself if you want to fix XYZ then the only way to fix it is by tackling XYZ. Don’t think “Well if a just do ABC then it will fix XYZ” it doesn’t work that way and you will never be happy. You’re living in denial.

You can change one step at a time!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet The BraBall®

Look at this super cool gadget!
You will never have to handwash your bras again. It totally protects your bras and the shapes even if they are gel, water, padded or molded.

They also improve the quality of the whole wash! Due to the way in which the Bra Ball pounds around the wash.

They will hit Australian shores really soon!

You can check them out here for more information on the Bra Ball.

If you are outside of Australia contact