Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do You Choose Now or Never?

It’s your choice

I think as a society, as a woman or as a mother we always delay things or procrastinate about certain things especially when it comes to us.

A friend of mine bought one of my lingerie sets and when I asked her how she was enjoying them she said “Great, I love them. I save them for when I go out”

Now I don’t know about you BUT I have 2 kids and my going out days are few and far between.

I always tell my clients it doesn’t matter who you are, where you work, what you do, how much money you earn it’s all totally irrelevant. It’s about feeling good within YOU.

And that starts from within. one way to do that is to wear nice lingerie EVERYDAY. I don’t care if I’m doing housework or running around after my girls or in a corporate meeting. It makes me feel good so I do it. If I feel good I’m a better Mother, Partner and Business Owner. I am much more positive and proactive through out my day.

It is not going to solve your problems or fix the world however it will clear your head and give you confidence so you can tackle everything you need to.

So what do you choose NOW or NEVER?

This week a friend of mine lost her brother in-law. He is my age 31 and he leaves behind a wife and 2 children (same age as mine) 2 ½ & a new baby.

Now I can not imagine what that would feel like and I hope I never do. But every time a think about it my heart aches for them.

It just makes you think about how precious life is.