Thursday, February 18, 2010

Salon de la Lingerie VS Fashion Exposed Lingerie Expo

This years Salon de la Lingerie Expo in Paris was a great success and the exhibitors as well as buyers were happier and more enthusiastic than last year!

This is the place to be for all lingerie professionals. This year over 22,000 visitors eagerly walked through the doors to see 580 exhibitors sharing 40,000 sqm space.

CurveNY New York Lingerie Expo will be sporting over 250 Brands and 4000 people have registered to attend. So despite the Recession our lingerie fashion capitals have done exceptionally well. This makes me incredibly happy and hopeful that Australia has oodles of room for growth.

My contacts who went to Paris said it was absolutely bustling and the buzz was amazing and NY is NY so we would not expect anything less.

Last weekend Australia hosted our 2010 Fashion Exposed, the lingerie sector sported around 50 exhibitors however the majority of those are under the same umbrella so it appears much much smaller. Personally I felt it lacked energy and had little impact because it was the same brands we see every year and I didn't see the boutique labels that usually pack the punch and rocks out the fashion. I was not overly excited about the Spring Summer 2010 lingerie collections that were shown by our bigger labels.

HOWEVER my pick for the season, the labels the I feel rocked it out are;

Daniel Hechter- These guys have a HOT collection with divine materials and superior quality. They are available in A to D Cups and 10 to 14, they are NEW NEW NEW to Australia and I pray she got orders because I know you guys will love it.

Underwear of Sweden- Had a great lay out and Champers :) They weren't there with hardcore sales people like the majority of others. But their collection has a clean and fresh feel to it, I really quite like it.

Cake Lingerie- Is Australia's own Maternity range that represents quality material that feels gorgeous and look even better.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bra Review- Bendon DimitySO D to J Cups

Cost- $79.95
Lift- 4/10
Quality- 3/10
Shape- 1/10
Material- 2/10

Over All- 2/10

Bra Queen's Comments- SO off I go again to Review Bendon's NEW D to J Cup range, after my last experience I wasn't to eager to re-live the experience however I went open to everything. Visually they don't look too bad, they are an extremely small cut so you'll have to go up a band size AND a cup size. There is no give in the material so comfort factor is zero. Because there is no give the straps really dig in which is very uncomfortable and the shape is absolutely terrible, the bra is too shallow therefore it squashes your breasts so they look wide and flat like a big fat donut. The quality of the material wasn't that great is was quite scratchy, I would not recommend this bra.

Cost- $79.95
Lift- 3/10
Quality- 5/10
Shape- 1/10
Material- 5/10

Over All- 3/10

Bra Queen's Comments- The material was much better quality then Rose Beat (even if a little sports bra-ish so it was slightly more comfortable. The straps are slightly wider so more comfy. The shape is again terrible, shallow cups, the cups are cut too straight across so they do not flatter your body shape. When you're fuller cups you need softer edges because there is so much breast :) Although slightly better then the previous I still would not recommend it, for the price you can do much better.

These images are models that are a D Cups bare in mind they do go up to a J Cup.

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