Friday, April 3, 2009


The average Australian Bra Size has gone from a staggering B Cup to D Cup.
This has lead to incorrect fittings all over Australia. Quality Bras just aren’t available in those sizes in Australia and what is made is very unattractive.

The majority of women started to get fitted incorrectly for the sake of a sale or so they could still wear a fashion bra.

Thankfully the UK, the leaders in cutting edge fashion. Has an average bra size of DD/E Cup so they cater for Fuller Cups.

We were so tired of wearing unattractive and ill fitted bras and certain that every woman in Australia was too.
Once we discovered that larger cup size women could actually have choice and a variety in their Lingerie. We decided to import it so was readily available to all Australian women. I am extremely dedicated to giving women the very best comfort available in a stunning range of new and sexy bras.

Bras must be fitted properly so they are comfortable and do the jobs they are suppose to do.
You should be able to put your bra on at the beginning of the day and not feel it until you take it off.
Women with Large Breasts often get back, neck and shoulder pain. If you have chaffing, scratching and red marks, Bulging or it’s digging in; you’re wearing the wrong bra.
They should also make you look and feel great.
And don’t forget a good fitting bra is very slimming, it will leave you with a shapely silhouette.

It’s all about the FIT, FIT, FIT. What to look for:

• You need a bra that fits snugly around the back & sits even from front to back.
• Under wires must sit flush against your chest
• Your whole breast in the Cup with NO spillage or gapping
• You should be able to fit your finger under the straps
• Finding the correct shaped bra for you is just as important as the Fit.
• Quality materials not only look great but ensure optimum comfort and support and a longer lasting bra. It will also give you shape and you won’t feel the need to rip your bra off the first chance you get!