Monday, June 1, 2009

Me, My kids and I

I have spent so much time lately thinking about my business and everything that goes with it. That I have to stop and give myself a little reality check!

Yesterday I posted a Smilebox which I love because it's quick, free, they look great and people love them.

I have 2 girls Maddison is 2 1/2 and Milly is 5 1/2 months.

Maddison is my girlie girl who could seriously talk the leg off a chair. There is nothing she can't say and who is far too intelligent for her own good. She loves dressing up, Barbie & painting her nails! And LOVES to cuddle.

Milly is much cruiser then Maddison doesn't really fuss too much but will let you know when she's not happy! She is really tall (she didn't get that from my side!) must be a throw back from somewhere! Right now all she wants to do is stand and be in where the action is.

I love it when you first go in Milly's room in the morning and she is so happy to see you. She Goo and Gaa's and full of smiles it warms your heart.

Maddison walked up to me the other day and said " I love you Baby!" and those random acts of affection can just bring a smile to your face.

So after my light bulb moment over the weekend I am now making it my mission to enjoy the present and start enjoying the journey and stop worrying about just getting to the other side.

I am looking forward to sharing the journey with you and please I love your comments so feel free to share...

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