Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Creation of Bra Queen…

I had no breasts until I was in Year 11. Then well they just didn’t stop growing! I had no idea what size I was. I would just pick them up and think “Yeah they will fit”

Until my big sister took me to get “professionally fitted” and I was 12DD so I just continued to buy them in a 12DD (34DD). Over the years I continued to get back pain because my breasts just kept putting my back out.

Then I got fitted again and she said I was a 10FF (32FF). I was in the largest lingerie store in Australia and they didn’t have one bra to fit me. This drove me crazy because I just didn’t understand why?

So it became my mission to find nice bras in my size. I’m relatively young and like to feel good about myself, but well I was so sick of buying Nana bras.

Not one Australian company makes QUALITY bras that actually do what they are suppose too.
So I thought bigger, I began to source and research Lingerie in Fuller Cups on a world wide scale. Well it paid off because I found that beautiful, sexy bras are made for larger cup size ladies.
I took it further; I thought "Well I just don’t want to wear sexy bras on weekends or special occasions. I want to feel that way everyday!"

So I sourced Lingerie Sets that are supportive AND sexy.

Then I thought well if I feel that way surely all ladies that are blessed with big boobs feel the same way!

P.S I no longer have ANY back pain.

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