Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beauty on a Budget OR the Time Poor

I have decided to write a series of Beauty Tips for anyone you is time poor and/or on a budget.
For those who don't know me I am a Hairdresser by trade (and a very good one ;-) even if I do say so myself) turned Beauty & Health girl.

What do they have in common with Bras? They ALL make you feel good, great in fact. People ask me ALL the time about tips on hair, make up, skin and the most common thing I hear is "I don't have time"

Here is a tip make time!

I will share my secrets with you on looking after yourself for less time and money.

Lesson 1,

Skin Care

To prevent aging & get glowing skin you MUST do the following:

Cleanse- clean your skin really well.
Moisturize- In the morning use a SPF everyday even around your eyes (eye creams don't have any sun block so unless you want crows feet around your eyes use SPF)
Eye Cream and a nourishing moisturizer at night.

Once to Twice Weekly:
Exfoliate & Mask

It seriously takes 5 minutes, exfoliate & put the mask on before you get in the shower. Then just before you get out take the mask off.

Now what skin care range do I recommend?
I have worked with every exclusive brand known to man. My favorite is- Paula's Choice

Why? It is a simple no fluff range that works. It doesn't have all of the neck, bust creams and all the others fluffy creams that will never work. It gives you what you need.
Best of all it's so cheap anyone can afford it. You can become a member for $10 and get a huge discount all the time.
Paula is the author of 'Don't go to the beauty counter without me'
Now she has her own range.
I got a cleanser, exfoliater, mask and moisturizer for AU$100 which I think is very good.

If you want nice smells and fluffy eye, neck, bust creams and don't mind spending a little more. I really like Elemis the smells are divine and they are really good. And based on all natural ingredients.

A range should last you about 6 to 8 months. You will notice a big difference after the 1st time but it gets even better!

Lesson 2, I share with you How To Get Happy Hands & Feet! DIY manicures & pedicures.

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