Friday, June 19, 2009

If love is like a flower, you have to water it to make it grow, yes?

We have so many relationships with people in our lives. Whether it is your partner, friends, family or work colleagues and they all need work to work.

I think we become so stagnate in our relationships that we forget to stop and appreciate and reconnect.

You spend more time with your work mates then anyone else in your life so it’s important that you get along. You have to connect on some many levels and like any relationship if you’ve been working together for a long time then some days you’re just going to be sick of looking at that person but as long as most days you work well together and respect each other then it will be proactive.

Your friends, its funny how you can have a group of friends and you all connect on different levels and no two people have the same friendship but you all get along. At different stages through your life it can change who you connect with the most depending on where you are in your life.

Your family is whom you are bound too for life. It probably takes the most work; no one has a ‘normal’ family. It’s where you have a family of let’s say 6. You have 6 completely, totally different individuals who you have to get along with? Who’s crazy idea was that!

You have 6 different roads and 6 different drivers. Now each road, each car and each driver has their own unique way to get to their destination. No one is necessarily going the wrong way or the right way its how you get there.
For this to work you have to respect each other for their beliefs and their choices.
No one is better, more deserving or more important then anyone else. Regardless of income, what you own, what job you have it doesn’t matter. If you think it does. Then get off your high dam horse, suck it up and have a look at yourself. You will grow up alone with no real support, no real friends, no real family only the tangible materialistic crap that you can always replace it’s the intangible things that matter.

I understand that you do things that feel right at the time. You do the best you know how. I want you to be happy! You know happy from the bottom of your heart happy, you know so happy that you can cry. If your not I want to help you get it, but I can only help if you’re willing to help yourself.

I respect you, I love you, I trust you and I will never take you for granted.

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