Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's Hot in Hair this Winter

So what is hot and happening with hair this winter?

Think Romance! Soft and playful hair with relaxed curls falling on your face, loose pony tails. Quite 1940's wartime.

Think Elegant yet Edgy! Take a traditional French Roll and mix it with I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look.

It's all about volume and a mixture of textures this year! YAY, I don't mind a bit of volume, I love big hair!

Cuts- taking the above in mind the cuts are quite simple allowing you to style it many different ways.

Short to Mid length hair- It's quite moulded and sculpted.

Color- Think Subtle!It's all quite natural focusing more on the condition of your hair. So simple rich colors and treatments, treatments, treatments!

And regardless of what you are hearing everywhere DO NOT CUT IT YOURSELF! Leave it to the professionals!

Who do I recommend?

Melbourne- Zucci Hairdressing, they have quite a few around Melbourne now so it's convenient for all.

Sydney- I LOVE Brad Ngata, love his salon and love his work.

Gold Coast- I'd have to say Oscar Oscar

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