Friday, July 10, 2009

Nothing changes if nothing changes

Nothing changes if nothing changes

Not happy with your current eating habits? Change them.

Not happy with your current exercise habit? Do something about it.

Not happy with the way you spend your days? Make a plan to do something different.

Not happy with your financial situation? Write down your options to changing it.

Not happy with your love life? Address the issues.

Not happy with….(type your answers here)

Devise a plan to move from (A) Not happy to (B) Happy then every day, step by step live out that plan. NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES & it’s up to you and you only to make the changes.

Don’t let yourself be content with feelings of discontent, one life is all you have my friend so make it a ripper! I’m here for you.

Remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss’. Roll baby roll!

This blog was written by urban smiler. I love her thought process we are very similar. Her blog is

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