Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Best Smooth Cup Bra?

I have currently been on an assignment for one of my readers.

This was my brief- I'm a 16E and I need a Smooth Bra to wear under a cream and black dress. With no requirements on straps or neckline so just a good shape, good lift and good support. She is going to a wedding so she'll be having a boogie and wouldn't want a Jennifer Hawkins moment!
Sounds easy right, WRONG!
I have looked, researched and tried over 20 bras!

From cheap ($20)to expensive ($130)there was just nothing! Tell me; Why is it that women with big boobs who need the support more then our smaller chested sisters don't have the most simple of bras?
OK let me rephrase that! It is available however some of them you may as well be wearing nothing because that is actually what it did. OR I had 4 boobs which of course I don't want. I can't handle the 2 I have so I don't need any more thank you!

The BEST one I found was my trusty friend Ultimo. Great lift, great support, so so comfortable and it's smooth. They are just celebrating their 10th birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

The white one would be the best suited however you may see it through the cream, maybe.

If so, go for the flesh color in the Plunge

Both at great value AU$69.95 at Alluring Lingerie

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Imogen Lamport said...

This - for me - is the most comfortable, best shaping seam free bra I've ever found

I'm a 12G

Bra Queen said...

It's not bad, I find that it tends to create a gap in the top of the cup if your breasts have gone south.
How do you find the lift?
Do you order them from Bravissimo or do you get them here?

How hard is it find a smooth cup bra when you're a G Cup! Not an easy task.

Imogen Lamport said...

I got them from Bravissimo (cheapest way) I get really good lift - the best I've tried. I went and tried on the Ultimo bra today and it didn't give me anywhere near the lift that the Fantasie one does for me.

Bought a Miss Mandalay? I'm doing a post this week with a link to you.

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