Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Small Business & Social Media

I read this post this morning and I know so many Small Businesses are hesitate to start networking via social media OR don't know where to start.

This is a wonderful post that answers all of those unknown questions you have.
I wish I had read this 12 months ago when I was flying blind when I just entered this new arena!

But now it's available to YOU!

Ideas for Social Media Types (from a Small Business Owner)
by Mark on August 11, 2009
Full disclosure: I own a small business, which happens to be a hotel (B&B), and I use social media.

The Customer Cult
When I lived on the Pacific Island of Papua New Guinea I was fascinated with the Cargo Cult religious movement that some of the villagers (that I knew quite well) believed in.
Members of the Cargo Cult have the basic conviction that manufactured goods (cargo) such as radios, televisions, cars, and refrigerators will fall from the sky (or somehow magically appear) if they just believe and pray hard enough.
Many small business owners, who are new to the medium of social media as a method of promotion for their venture, have a sort of an analogous “Customer Cult” mentality.
Meaning, these particular business owners have the misconception that as soon as they sign up with various social media sites, customers are going to fall from the sky in droves and they’ll immediately be inundated with more business than they can handle.
Social Media and Small Business
Presently, within the social media and small business communities, we find ourselves facing an interesting dichotomy.
There are many small business owners who would like to use social media to help with online promotion, but they aren’t necessarily familiar with the tools and how to use them effectively.
Likewise, there are many well qualified social media professionals who have never owned a small business, and as such, they are not necessarily aware of the every day struggles that small business owner’s face. READ MORE

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