Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Best Hosiery You Have EVER Seen!

I don't usually do hosiery but when I come across these little numbers I just HAD to share!
These fabulous Stay Ups of made by Italian brand Transperenze
Elizabeth Wells Lingerie of York, has such a selected and wonderful range of Lingerie that you have ever seen.
This is the first season that they have had hosiery, this is what Sarah Wells had to say-

"We chose to take tights instore this winter as they are a great addition to the underwear drawer & an easy way to make one outfit look different in so many ways! - Its much cheaper to buy three pairs of tights than to buy three outfits!
At Elizabeth Wells we want to continue to offer our customers with things that can't be found in the high street (many of our items are exclusive to us in York, many of those we're actually the only supplier in the North!
Our tights, stocking & holdup manufacturer is Italian & you can feel the quality. They are the best hold ups I've had (no messing about with re-jigging positioning due to movement - you forget they're there!) the tights are fantastic too.

The collection is adventurous, original & unconventional. They really will take you to a catwalk look! We've kept on trend for coloured tights this season (purples being a real key colour) but taken a twist with patterned as well as some plain options. There are various takes on the seamed classic - we have nude, black with a red seam & the faves black with hole detail in place of the seam. These also pick up on another trend - animal print! Animal print will be huge, and going into 2010 this trend will continue. Grey is another key colour, one pair of tights picks up on this with the grey stripe detail - its also a less obvious twist on the seamed classic. Another notable trend that is still with us are the leggings. One pair of tights look like leggings but are better as they keep your feet warm too! I wore these first & had loads of comments - even from people on the street!"

Now for ALL of my Southern Hemisphere ladies YOU are getting a sneak peak at what is going to be HOT for next winter!

Yes, it IS in York you can order online they are £18.50 which is about AU$36.00 excluding delivery which is £8 (about AU$15)Not too bad really!

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