Monday, September 28, 2009

Bra Review- Bendon

Cost- $44.95
Lift- 4/10
Separation- 4/10
Quality- 2/10
Shape- 2/10
Material- 3/10
Appearance- 3/10

Over All- 3/10
Bra Queen's Comments-The tops of the cups are flimsy but not because that cup is too big but because there is just something not right with the mold of the bra.

Cost- $44.95
Lift- 4/10
Separation- 5/10
Quality- 5/10
Shape- 5/10
Material- 5/10
Appearance- 5/10

Over All- 4/10
Bra Queen's Comments- This looks OK and the quality isn't too bad. It looks and feels like a sports bra without the support. The straps are too wide for the size of the bra it's not in proportion at all.

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JMR said...

I really luv the Bendon Damask except for the seams that go across the cup - u can't wear it under a Tshirt...looks horrible. Do u know of any bra that is this shape but without these horrible seams? It's funny too, I feel that I get good lift from it but u only gave it a 4. Thank u!

Bra Queen said...

Fantasie have some similar shapes and they are seamless and much better quality.
Damask was one of the better quality Bendon Bras however there are much better bras available so you get more value for your money.

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