Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 1- Of the Love Your Life Challenge

Today we are going to write a list organizing our week. Good time management is crucial. If you organize your mind you won’t be easily stressed.
Think about everything you need/want to fit into your week:
My list-
1.Exercise- I want to train 4 times a week
2.Shopping- Groceries, Errands
3.Spending time with the kids- I have 2 kids under 3 so at the moment one word DEMANDING!
4.Me time-I do my beauty regime. It's a small thing that you can do that just makes you feel good and you're looking after yourself.
5.Work- As Bra Queen I wear many hats so my work is never actually complete. I need to prioritize my work according to my deadlines.
6.Partner time-Every night I try to make time for one hour where I can just sit with Chris and well I was going to say chat but mostly it’s me chatting and him listening (maybe he’s listening)
7.Housework- I do 1 major clean a week then just bits in between.

My biggest aim is to try to enjoy and embrace everyday.

There is heaps of other “stuff” I need to do but I can work them in to wherever and obviously it’s changes week to week.

Mine is going to be as follows:

Monday- I like making sure I exercise on a Monday because it prepares and motivates me for the week. I also prepare my working week everything I need to do. Washing is usually on the list after the weekend! The girls sleep at 1pm and this is when I work. I usually iron once the girls go down at 7pm.

Tuesday- Is my exercise, work & spend time with the girls day. I go for my walk then on the way home I go the park so Maddison can have a run around as well. I work in the morning then again when the girls go down at 1pm. The rest of the time I try to spend being as proactive with the girls as possible as it is really our only day that we are not running around like mad people.

Wednesday- I work and I also look after Maddie’s boyfriend. Maddison isn’t in care I think it’s important that she still interacts with kids her own age.

Thursday- Is my housework day, grocery shopping day and work day. So this is a pretty crazy day for the girls and I it’s a bit of a whirlwind day. But I like to be super organized for the weekend.

Friday- Is me day! YAY, the girls are with Nan and Pa by half 9. This is where I spend ½ hour on ME doing my weekly beauty regime, then I work, work, work until the girls get home at 5pm.
Friday night once the girls are in bed at 7pm our “thing” is to sit down with a yummy cheese platter and have a drink together and chill out.

I encourage you to just do something nice at the end of the week with your partner, just so you can relax and have a laugh together. If you don’t have a partner do something you enjoy or spend it with someone who makes you feel good.

Weekends my checklist is done, except exercise so at least 1 workout is needed. But other then that I am sorted!

How did you go, did you fit everything in?

This weeks PRIZES Include-
* A luxurious treatment Oceana Day Spa,
* SPROUT The Life You Love ,
* Pep+Coddle Stationary Set and Voucher,
* Mum e Assistant Health and Well Being Journal


K.Line said...

Impressive! I remember when my daughter was young and it was all I could do to look at an exercise video and feel tired. I think the key to leading a vaguely happy life is to not feel overwhelmed. So you either need tons of $$$ or lots of organization :-) I'm working the second angle.

Bra Queen said...

I've been there! If I'm not organized I can't function. Simplify and everything falls into place.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea...I think I'll give it a go I'm feeling very much in need of a checklist to get myself in order. I'll let you know how I go! Looking forward to the rest of the challenge!

S said...

I swear you were reading my mind when you wrote this post! I too am organising my week & am going away with my husband for the w/end. During my walk today I realised that I have a LOT to be grateful for - I intend to appreciate it all :)

Bra Queen said...

Shell & Taj it's spring so a perfect time for a checklist, good luck.
S- That's awesome have a great weekend and I really hope you enjoy the challenge xx

sparklingmerlot said...

Yay. Day 1!

I wrote my checklist and then rewrote it to be more realistic!!

Sometimes I can be a bit over ambitious with these things and set myself up for failure. So that has to be a score to start with!

Bra Queen said...

Well done Sparklingmerlot! Once you get that one down pat then you can aim for the 1st list.

Bellarine said...

Day 1, have written my checklist for the week and have stuck it on the wall in my bedroom. First thing on each day is "wake up with a smile on my face and then take your medication" If this is the only thing I manage to do each day then I'm doing better than before the checklist!!

graciebell said...

I have been a list person for a long time, but often had several lists going & was not dedicated enough to always set myself daily lists. I have subsequently been feeling very overwhelmed! I also have not scheduled in the important things that matter, like family time & me time (what's that?). I think it is important and very satisfying to acknowledge all the things we do actually achieve by being able to cross them off each day. I know that I am often very hard on myself & don't give myself enough credit for what I do achieve.

I have followed your lead for this week & already things feel clearer in my head & I don't feel quite as stressed :-) The only thing I have managed to consistently work into my day is my morning run 5 days a week which is a really important way for me to start my day feeling energised & gives me good thinking/sanity time on my own away from the kids.

Skye said...

The day may almost be over, but I have just converted my daily diary (which is usually written Post-Script) into a daily checklist (now written in Pre-Script)!

There's something philosophical and mentally healthier about scrapping the notion of filling in the diary after the event and realising just how little was done in the day, than to be one step ahead at the start of each day... bring on the week!

Anonymous said...

My practice lately has been to write my list and the par it down as much as possible until it's only absolute essentials (I tend to be an overachiever). This is always difficult for me, but it was kind of fun this week doing it along side someone else :)

Bra Queen said...

It is fun when you do it along side others, I totally agree.
I am and always have been an overachiever that's why I have to stop and nut everything out so I can spend quality time with everyone and everything I need to.
Well done so far so good!

Anonymous said...

I have a desk diary that I write everything in & put all school notices, bills & things I have to remember on the appropriate page. Sometimes it is so buried in papers that I can’t see what I’ve written but it IS all there.

I work part time, have 2 girls 4 & 7, and no family around to babysit so it’s just me & boofhead to do it all.
My week needs to include shopping, kids, work, fun.
Monday – Is the day I cook usually. Today I made a big mother sauce, used one batch for burrito’s tonight & 3 batch’s in the freezer. Monday afternoon is get petrol & do shopping time while the youngest is at kinder. I also write my diary for the week.
Tuesday – Is when I get the most exercise walking Bubble to school, Munchkin to kinder & then me to the station to get to work. Work in the office all day. Family pick me up we come home have tea & I’m too tired to do anything else. Tuesday is also the night once a month that I have dinner with my 2 girlfriends.
Wednesday – Is playgroup in the mornings, so time to catch up with friends & have quality time with youngest girl. Afternoon I do housework & maybe catch up on shows I’ve taped. Wednesday after school is swimming lessons.
Thursday – Exercise while I walk to school & kinder & then my only kid free time for the week. I make appt’s for this time or go home & potter around in silence. No TV no radio no noise, ahhhh bliss. I work in the late afternoon & evening.
Friday – I am at the office all day. It’s usually take away for tea & an early night cos I’m brain dead.
The week is always busy but somehow we fit everything in.

Mintgreen Queen said...

It's amazing isn't it that once you complete this list, you realise how busy you actually are. If only we could charge our time for grocery shopping, cooking, feeding kids and husband, entertaining kids, educating kids etc....finding time and sticking to time for work and exercise is the hardest thing. Hopefully this week I can stick to my scheduled list.

Anonymous said...

I love list and use them all the time. I have 4 children ( 6,4,2, and 8 months) and work 3 days a week so if I did not have lists my world would be a disaster. I did however never schedule time in for me so this week that was the first thing that I added to my weekly plan.

MadCow said...

I have a diarly working diary and a to do book, as well as a book for all my planning! LOL

Have just posted my Day 1 Challenge on my blog (

Amazing how much we fit in a day ....

Bra Queen said...

That's it! I think most people have a to do list for work, kids etc but never for themselves and their partners. That's why it becomes so busy and overwhemling because we don't make the time for ourselves, it may just be 1/2 hour but it's enough to re charge and keep our sanity!
Good work guys!

Sassi Sam said...

Wow Renee, this is totally awesome, thanks for sharing ... you've inspired me to get organised a write a list. I'll have to schedule it in for the end of the week though because the diary is chocka's already but I'm desperate to do this and bring some balance back into my life, my body and mind is crying out for it and we know we have to listen to what our bodies tell us.

Bra Queen said...

That's it Sassi Sam! Just schedule you time in your chocka's week, that's half the battle.

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