Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Exposed at Bra Queen!

Outlines of the editorial policy, how to send me new articles, and how to get your product reviewed at Bra Queen.

Editorial Policy
All lingerie I review goes through the exact same criteria check. I do not except payment for my reviews as it is important to me that I give my readers nothing short of my honest and professional opinion.

Advertising Policy
If you wish to advertise on Bra Queen then email me
PLEASE NOTE: I will only advertise products I love and recommend and that lies solely at my discretion.

Want Bra Queen to review your Product?
I am ALWAYS looking and wanting to find lingerie I LOVE. I love hearing from designers and retailers that want to tell me about their brand and would be delighted to get an e-mail from you. Feel free to send my details to your PR people and e-mail me when you’ve got exciting news.

If you have-
•A new designer or collection
•A fabulous event you’re holding
•A great bargain
•A discount you’d like to offer Bra Queen’s readers
My Review Policy

Bra Queen often reviews lingerie products for its readers. I rate products on a scale of 1 to 10 Costs, Quality, Material, Lift, Support, Shape and Appearance. All are key indicators to help women find lingerie they’ll love. If you are a designer or retailer who would like to have your product reviewed, please follow the guidelines below:

•Given the nature of lingerie, we’re not able to return any samples sent to me.
•I will review your product however please send me a brief about yourself and your product. Email me I will let you know where to send your product.
•Sending me a sample does not guarantee a positive review. My first and foremost responsibility is to my readers and I will always be honest with them.
•If you don’t sell the product yourself, please don’t send it to us for review just to get a link. Our readers are paramount, and we don’t want to annoy them with intermediary links when all they want is to find the product.

A BIG thank you for thinking of Bra Queen

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