Monday, September 7, 2009

What Are the Best A to C Cup Bras?

For a long time my thought process has been that A to C Cups have an abundance of bras to choose from. Sadly I was wrong; yes they have literally 100’s of bras to choose from HOWEVER the quality and shapes are just as bad as their larger cup size sisters.

I recently just embarked on a review mission for smaller cups. We tried 35 bras and do you know how many I would recommend 3! That’s right 32 of them were absolutely hideous.
For some reason every lingerie company are designing the same bras as there competitors and they are ALL just producing poorly designed bras, the main problem is really bad shapes, the under wires are too close together that’s why smaller cups often have the problem of them cutting in because the bras are designed with the cups too close together.

Now you can have your correct bra size but if the shape is wrong then it’s going to be just as uncomfortable as an incorrect fitting bra.

We reviewed bras from AU $30 to AU $130 and don’t let price fool you! Designer does not necessarily mean better, you are still just paying for the label.

So what come up triumphs?

Bonds- the Bonds Super Scoop Bra is cotton and elastic and a great shape. The cups are in the correct position so it is comfortable & supportive therefore leaving you with a great cleavage and a great shape. The only thing I would question is the life span of this bra because it does have thick elastic around the band so I would imagine that it would stretch quite quickly. Make sure it fits snugly on the loosest hook so you can tighten it when it does stretch.
Bonds is available at MYER stores.

Mimi Holliday- Do the perfect balcony bra, it is French designed and you know the French they get a woman’s body and what we need!
Made with the most amazing materials and cutting edge fashion these bras will leave you feeling great. But you will still be very comfortable while you’re feeling great.

The Mimi Holliday collection is available at Kitty K, Alluring Lingerie,Cherry Noire and Little Flirt.

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