Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 10- Love Your Life Challenge, Eyebrows...

Ahhhhh the answer to that million $ question!

This small thing can TRANSFORM your entire face! I kid you not. Where to start:

The perfect OR the most suitable OR the best brow shape is your natural one.

•Brush your eyebrows so they are in the same direction.
•Your eyebrows have 3 main points-
1.Inner eye should match up with the beginning of your eyebrow.
2.Your pupil is to be in line with the highest point of your eyebrow i.e. the arch
3.Your eyebrow needs to finish so it’s in line with your outer eye.
•You may want to draw a line to outline what you need to take off. But basically everything that goes outside of the 3 points above you need to take off!

PLEASE NO QUESTION MARK ? EYEBROWS! You know when you have that chuck at the inner eye you want to take that inner corner OUT. So you have a nice smooth angle.

•If you have thick eyebrows. Don’t make them super thin you’ll look ridiculous when they are growing back.
•Don’t pluck the top of your eyebrows you still want them to look natural, so don’t go there unless you know actually what you are doing.
•If you have thin eyebrows you may need to use an eyebrow pencil or even an eye shadow to make them look thicker. If they are too thin they won’t complement your face. You want them to help shape your face.
•Use the tip of the tweezers and pull in the direction of your hair growth. You can also use your fingers to stretch the skin so you can see each hair easier.
•If you aren’t very good at seeing shapes then go to a professional then you can maintain yourself at home.

A small thing that makes you look totally different! GO GIRL.

OK! So we are 10 days in and how are you feeling?

•Are you following your ‘To Do’ list
•Have you written down everything that has annoyed you or made you angry
•Have you worn your sexy lingerie set yet
•Brows………. Off you go there is no time like the present.

In the final 2 weeks I have THE BEST PRIZES TO GIVEAWAY! So keep those comments coming.


Chantal Fleming said...

Unfortunately I over plucked my eyebrows when I was much younger, so I now only have relatively thin and sparse eyebrows that I fill in with brow pencil. I would KILL for the perfect arch and really admire those with it.

As for my first 10 days - it's been a blast, and so much of it has been very relevant and perfectly timed.

Jodi said...

I went to the beautician to have my eyebrows waxed in preparation for my BF's wedding 4 years ago. Cos I knew that's what women did so I thought I better. Well, she laughed & said "there's nothing to be done with them, they're perfect as they are" So - challenge completed for me LOL.
As for the rest of the challenge, LOVING IT.
I'm going to a wedding today & have got nice underwear on, have just styled my fringe perfectly, & am wearing the new foundation, lipstick & eyeliner I bought myself this week. Also a new necklace I ordered arrived today so might just put that on too.
My list of annoyances is still quite small, so that is good.
My calendar is up to do & my time for me is scheduled for Sunday. Girls Night In to raise money for cancer research with a group of beautiful girlies. This will be out 3rd year doing the event.
& my prize from the first weeks challenge arrived just now & I am so chuffed. It is just gorgeous & I am feeling very special right now. Thank you xoxo

Bra Queen said...

Chantal at least you can draw them on! Funny how your eyebrow hair never goes back when it's over plucked but the rest of your hair does.

Jodi lucky you! Do you know how much time you save. I love you prize, so simple and elegant yet so personal. She's great, she just made a baptism card for me and it's so adorable!

I am so glad you are enjoying the Challenge! The next 2 weeks are going to be even better it's all going to come together.

Anonymous said...

Feeling good and all up to date! Pretty happy my eyebrows are pretty much up to date too! Need a pluck here and there but all good! feeling good at day 10! Thanks for my food planner - should come in handy! x

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