Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 15- Love Your Life Challenge, Intimacy

Cuddles + Intimacy = Love Life, Live Life.

Are you allowing yourself to be loved and intimate with your loved one, friends and family?

Being intimate with someone is the most fulfilling thing you can experience, it’s totally free and it’s up to you to allow yourself to be loved, just for being you! You don’t necessary have to be in a relationship in order to find intimacy. It comes in many shapes and forms. It may be a cuddle, a conversion, a laugh, a kiss or more. You have different levels of intimacy with different people because we all connect in different ways.

Some people are afraid of showing affection, others do it in a more subtle way or some people are very open about it. It doesn’t really matter how you chose to express yourself as long as you do. I always try to live each day as if it’s my last (a bit morbid I know) and some days it’s easier then others. But my point is- I want all the people in my world to know that I love them and why I love them. That’s really important to me.

It is the easiest way to put a smile on your face and the biggest confidence booster! I often tell my partner if I’m upset about something and he will generally go silent and hide, not knowing what to say and I say to him “You don’t even have to SAY anything just give me a cuddle” are you with me sister :)

If you would like to read more about intimacy and how it saves lives go to Urban Smiler for a nice little pick me up.


OK so this one may require you to step outside your comfort zone or put somethings aside for a moment. But it will be worth it when you see the difference it makes.

Kiss him now and surprise him later ;-)

For the Couples

• When you kiss him goodbye in the morning KISS him.

• Organize his favorite meal or a nice meal. Buy a beer he likes or a nice wine.

• When he gets home give him his drink, Relaxxxxxxxxxx

• Enjoy a wine together, have a laugh; we really need to do it more. (Laugh that is)

• Tell him to have a shower or do whatever he needs to. Then put the kids to bed or do whatever you need to.

• Once you have done that go and kiss him and you can take it from there!

Think of this as paying it forward! Don’t think too much into it. Just try to relax with it and have a good time and enjoy yourself.

Try not to think “He should be doing this to you or whatever else you may be thinking” Just relax with it and have a laugh.

For all the Singles ladies

Invite a friend you cherish, who is a positive influence in your life around have a chat and a nice meal. Relax and laugh until your belly hurts!



Warwick said...

Hey Renee

I am a BIIIIG fan of hugs. They are the best gift ever because one size fits all!!

Being intimate with friends (not physically intimate because that is for your "special" friend) is a way of being real. It is away of saying "This is the real me and I am happy to share me with you". This builds self confidence, self esteem and the sense that I am OK.

Thanks for the tips!!

The Get More Guy

Bra Queen said...

I totally argee with you Warwick! You have a lovely outlook, it's very refreshing!

Vegemitevix said...

Your post reminded me of two things 1)a study of Israeli orphans in the 1960s/70s demonstrated that not only does a lack of physical touch retard emotional growth but it can actually have devastating effects on the physical growth of children! That's how powerful the human cuddle is!! 2)When I was a single mum and the kids were away I could go days without anyone touching me. It felt as if I was slowly dying inside. Now that I'm all loved up and married again I need to remember how that felt and to literally reach out and be the hug-ger not just the hug-gee to those who really need it!

Bra Queen said...

How interesting! I am not surpised by that all. I still believe to this day the reason why a 1st child who is now 3 is such a body baby. I will carry/cuddle her for 3/4 of my day! That's all I hear "Mummy I want cuddles" I think it is because for the 1st 6 weeks of her life I was unable to hold her or when I did it was for a very short time!
I think it's something you take for granted until it's gone.
I am very happy you are all loved up and married!

Anonymous said...

Too cute Vegemitevix I'm glad you're loved up and married too. An interesting study too, I believ that. My Dad passed away and my Mum made many comments about how she missed the intimacy of a touch and laugh with someone everyday. They say you need to be touched 3 times a day to feel worthwhile and loved. If you live alone that can not happen for days even weeks.
My son LOVES cuddles too so I'm lucky! But as an adult I dont like people to hug and kiss me hello...all my friends know it...not sure why just always been like it. Actually if I tink about it it would have something to do with a certain Uncle who showed inappropriate affection to me as a 7yr old. I would say that is probably it actually!
But I am VERY touchy when I am talking to you I am touching you....taping away as we laugh so I dont totally miss out!
Damn it on the big KISS today too...I have a VERY sore throat dont want to spread the love. But as soon as possible I'm onto that one!

flutterbye_77 said...

hehe.. For when I am next in a relationship I will def take that advice onboard!!! But yes Kisses Cuddles Love and Huggs are BIG in my household..My boys (all of them 13 9 4 and 2) (my eldest is soo not embarressed to hugg his mumma) are always offering up Cuddles If nothing else My mother handed down her LOVE of BIGGGGG HUGGS... They when we watch tv argue over who gets to sit closest to me,, they all have to have somee sort of contact its cute!!! Lucky I have a Massive Lounge... (but i need to point out that they are all very capable of being independant so our love of our intamacy isnt a detriment to there confidence)....

Bra Queen said...

Intimacy comes in many shapes and sizes! It's whatever you feel comfortable with.
It's good that your boys are open and confident enough to express their feelings! I think that is great.

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