Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 8- Love Your Life Challenge, Clear Your Head


Today we DE CLUTTER! De clutter our homes and we will be clutter our minds.

It is a fact that if you live in unorganized chaos then you can’t think straight. So go to that draw or that cupboard and sort that shit out!
•If you haven’t worn it in a year throw it out
•If it’s broken throw it out
•If you don’t use it throw it out
•Attack that filing cabinet clear out all that paper crap you’re holding onto for no reason.

Do it and tell me you don’t feel on top of things!
Let’s go, Let’s go, Let’s go! No distractions.

Food for thought! Have you ever wondered why people get annoyed at different things?


Jodi said...

This is a weekly challenge for me. I am slowly going through, room by room & de-cluttering. The bookshelves were the latest thing to be done. It is too overwhelming to do it all in one go so I strike when the mood takes me.

Bra Queen said...

I find it amazing how quickly it creeps back up on you. I do it every couple of months but when I do it I do all until it's done. I go room by room too!
I did mine again today and lets just say I'm glad it's bin night tonight!
But it feels good ;-)

MadCow said...

LOL this was our September Challenge for Real Mums - I did my plastic drawer (tupperware freak here, so not hard to do!)

And last week was forced to sort the kitchen drawers. I currenly have a washing basket on the floor with all the stuff from the 3rd drawer down - I've done the cutlery drawer (ah, it looks so NICE now! :)) and the teatowel drawer.

Office desk is done regularly, and I recently did a wardrobe cull :) Hurrah. I feel lighter already.

Bev said...

I have finish all mine,The wardrobe been done and nothing much left in it.evan my wool is in the bag ready to go

Anonymous said...
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Bra Queen said...

What is about the infamous 3rd draw it is renowned for storing crap! Thanks Mad cow you just reminded me that I didn't do it!
Well done guys!

Anonymous said...

The third draw is a killer!

Anonymous said...

Clutter has been a REAL issue my whole life...I recently went on a self discovery through hypnotism (an extreme measure I know but I had an extreme problem) I discovered that on my 8th birthday my Mum and Dad gave my brother the same present ( a view finder) as me. I didnt even remember it I just knew I wasnt a big fan of view finders. As an adult you go big deal but as a child I was angry as "I was my birthday".
The hypnotherapy helped me place that 8yr old who had been protecting me and surrounding me with things to make me feel special in a very safe place on the couch with my Dad getting cuddles of her own!
I have made remarkable steps...I have a way to go but I am prou dof my achievements. Now I have years of clutter in cupboards to get rid of and I am doing this slowly but surely. I think differently now I say " Dont need that for later" and I get rid of it straight away.
For me this was my answer I feel SO much better and I have spent the last 6 months doing this. SO happy now!
My biggest threat is how tired I feel with my 3yr old and finding the time but now when I get in there it GOES!

moonchild said...

It's hard being a hoarder by nature but every Spring I make myself have a big throwout. I'm already halfway thru, with 2 full garbage bags of clothes and shoes headed to ebay, another bag for St Vinnie's and a big box of knick knacks that will never gather dust in my space again! I even sold an old computer on ebay last week so feeling very pleased with my efforts! Thanks for the encouragement to keep throwing!

As for the last point, personally I believe people get annoyed by so many things because they judge by their own standards and find them lacking. If people made an effort to be less judgemental and more accepting they'd find that less annoyed them! Hope that doesn't sound preachy :)

graciebell said...

I am a huge believer in culling the clutter - it is so cleansing, and yes, it is a constant job! I almost always have a bag on the go for charity, & ebay is just great (I am still listing items at the moment). We have been packing up lots of items for storage gearing up to live in a small part of our house while extensions are undertaken. It has been a great time to re-assess whether something is really useful, beautiful or loved - anything else goes.

If my house isn't organised I feel 'out of control'. For me, 'clear the clutter, clear the mind' is my mantra!

P.S. One great tip I learned, if you are having trouble letting something go for sentimental reasons, consider taking a photo of it instead & then see if it is easier to say goodbye.

Bra Queen said...

Great tip Graciebell! You know I have things on my EBay pile but I never get around to actually placing them on there, maybe that should be my next mission!
Moonchild NOT preachy at all!

Chantal Fleming said...

Clothes - Done
Shoes - Done
Bedroom - Not too bad
Pantry cupboard - Not too bad either
Plastics cupboard - Please call in the army!!!

I felt so good when I cleared out my wardrobe, but know that I need to do things in small steps otherwise it's easy to be overwhelmed.

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