Thursday, November 5, 2009

Changing Careers in the Australian Job Industry!

“If you got offered your dream job but for ½ the money would you take it?”
“Do you know what your dream job is?”

So many people don’t, that is what inspired me to do this post.
I found when you hit your 30’s that is the time you start to dislike your job! You’ve been in it for years you may be over it but don’t know what else to do.
BUT chances are you have a mortgage, kids and it really isn’t the time you want to be changing jobs right? Where do you start OR do even start!

Give yourself time to process everything and get used to the idea. Set aside time for each step so you are actually being proactive about this.

The only way to find a job you truly love is if you-
• Do not to give yourself a job title or think about what you think may be a good job.
• Go through the steps to identify your passions and interests, your abilities and skills, your values and natural desires.

Step 1: Why Do You Want To Change Careers?
• Are you bored,
• You have no room for growth,
• Your colleagues,
• It is no longer challenging you,
• You would like to down size your responsibility,
Note- Try to look at a career change as moving forward and growing, not as escapism.

Step 2: Create Goals & Personal Vision

Your goal is to find a job that you will love for years to come. So be open!
Ask yourself-
• What hours do you want to work?
• What is salary do you have in mind; remember you still need to live comfortably?
• Are you prepared to travel, if so how far?

Do you see yourself?
• Working inside, outside, office, shop.
• Do you have an idea as to work kind of position or tasks you would like to do? I.e. Computers, Clothes, Dogs, Marketing etc
• Would you like a managerial job, if so what level?
• Perhaps you see yourself as an entrepreneur?
• Would you consider self-employment?

Do you have any special requirements such as-
- Paid Maternity Leave
- Day Care Facilities
- Ability to work for home when required
- On Site Gym
Try to outline everything you would like, that way you can get a clearer picture and you are creating a vision and specific goals. This will help you in finding your ideal job.

Step 3: Do you have a hobby or something you’re passionate about?
I hear all too often “I just work for money, I don’t need to love it” Why deny yourself happiness? If you can get paid for what you love doing wouldn’t you prefer that?
• What are your hobbies?
• What were your favorite subjects in school?
• Do you have a favorite section in a book store?
• What puts a fire in your belly? Besides chilli,
• Do you go to a section of the newspaper first?
• Do you still like any aspects of your current job?
• What do you like to talk about?

Start to take notes of what makes you happy or takes your interest. Write it down over a couple of weeks, is there a pattern emerging?

Step 4: What Are Your Values?
Have you thought about the possibility that the reason you may be unhappy is because you don’t believe in your company, their beliefs or their products?
Try to identify what your values are? You may have thought about it as a parent or a partner but not about your job!
Ask yourself this-
• What are you most proud of?
• What legacy do you want to leave behind?
• Who dead or alive would you most like to meet and why?
• What makes you angry?
• What makes you laugh?
• Favorite book- What is the theme?
• Favorite movie- What is the theme?
• Out of all of the world’s problems what would you fix?
• Are you an introvert or extravert
• Do you like tangible or intangible

Step 5: What are Your Skills?
Look at past resumes, performance reviews and also add what you would like to do.
• It may be your natural ability
• A skill you have picked up along the way in your career
• Courses you have taken,
• On-the-job training
• A degree you have
• A trade you have

Step 6: Put It Altogether! Plan of Attack!

Go through each step and write down your Top 3 to 5 answers to each question.
• Goals
• Vision
• Passions and Interests
• Values
• Skills
Once you have gathered your information you can-
• Speak to a career adviser
• Go to a Career Expo
• Talk to friends and family about your list and see if they can identify a job using your list.
• Research on the internet
• What are you seeing for yourself, have any ideas come to mind?
• See a recruitment agency once you start to get a picture of what it is you desire.
Just Ensure-
• Do not make any rash decisions
• Speak it over with loved ones
• Your financial security
• Be honest with yourself about what you want
• Be patient and persistent
• Step outside your comfort zone, you always work better out of it!

Be safe, be happy, good luck!


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Great post!

Bra Queen said...

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)So many of my friends go through this so I thought I would research it and post something to help others.

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