Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to be Successful!

I love meeting inspirational women, who know what they want and go after it. I love the passion and determination behind their eyes. I love it even more when their passion and determination is paying off for them.

How to be Successful!

• Know what you want
• Be passionate about it
• Have a clear picture of what you want and write it down.
• DO NOT stray from your vision! It‘s easy to spread yourself too thin thinking by doing so you’ll cater for more people. You will not.
• Have your niche, master it, THEN think about expanding.
• Perfection is the poison of all possibility- Do things well however if you are waiting for perfect it will NEVER be so it will never happen. We evolve, things evolve. Do it well now, don’t wait.
• Follow your gut- Trust yourself don’t under estimate the power of your intuition.
• Love yourself and treat people the way you like to be treated.
• Don't think Why? - think Why not?

Have I missed anything?


MadCow said...

Love it, Renee - a timely reminder for me.

I think the passion is the important bit - if you have a "great idea" but no passion - forget it.

Passion is what drives you and keeps you going. The rest are ways to make moving the passion forward easier (I did not say EASY! LOL)


Bra Queen said...

It was a reminder for me too! That's why I wrote it, then I thought I would share. I was trying to organise my head! I always try to do everything and I have to tell myself STOP!
I am meeting so many divine ladies at the moment and it's just fantastic :)

vegemitevix said...

Ditto me. Still struggling with self-doubt. Things just don't happen quickly enough do they!!? LOL!

Bra Queen said...

Vegemitevix you just gave me an idea! Thank you :)

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