Thursday, December 10, 2009

Useful Information On Mastectomy Bras

OK so you’ve had a Bi-Lateral or Single Mastectomy and you would like to know the basics about Prosthetic Breast Forms. Like-

There are 15 different sizes in Prosthetic Breast Forms and they go simply from 1 to 15.

Mastectomy Bras come in the same sizing as regular bras Cups A to G, Band Size 32 to 42. So you'll have your Prosthethic Number (1 to 15) then your Bra Size.

You can get both Adhesive and Non Adhesive breast forms, the adhesive have a suede cover so you can simply place them into any bra, which can come in handy.

There are 3 weights available in your Prosthetic Breast Forms
Full Weight Breast Form- Is the natural weight of a breast.
15% Lighter- Is 15% lighter then the natural weight of a breast.
30% Lighter- Is 30% lighter then the natural weight of a breast.

If you have had a lumpology there are Breast Forms that cater for that to smooth out the appearance of your Breast.

Your first fitting can take up to 3 hours and it can be very emotional for you and that is more then OK remember your Fitter does this all the time and understands.

Swimwear Prosthetic Breast Forms are slightly different, they are made of a firmer material that is more durable in salt water and chorine and it has either indentations or is hollow on the inside so the water can drain through.
A cool tip- If you’ve had a Single Mastectomy lay down on the floor and your fitter can tell you which one looks most like your own breast.

Other Mastectomy Products-
• Mastectomy Sleepwear
• Mastectomy Sports Bras
• Mastectomy Multiway Bras

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