Monday, December 7, 2009

What is Your Creature Comfort?

What makes you, you?

• I love my coffee in the mornings but I don’t do instant it must be a real coffee.
• I am so regimented I think I must have been in the Army in a previous life.
• If I am not organised then a stress out, I don’t do “Go with the flow.”

I think one of my flaws is my desire to help people but I have to tell myself that I can’t fix everything. People must learn for themselves, we can guide, advise and encourage but ultimately it is out of my control and whatever will be will be, that is life.

• Different doesn’t mean wrong
• If you learn from mistakes then it’s not a mistake
• It is better to give then receive
• Friendship & Love does not come with conditions; you can not be that selfish.
• Time heals as long as you don’t avoid, be open to all possibilities.
• Welcome people and life don’t shut people out in fear of getting hurt, feeling is living
• Trust is a two Way Street; before you judge someone make sure you look at your own actions, how did you come across to the other person? People act and react for a reason.

Life is short and you don’t know what’s around the corner, what can you do today that will help mend that rift a little?

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