Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who is Your Family?

To me my family is not just my partner and my 2 girls. Yes they are my immediate family of course.
But just because I have 2 children does that mean that my "other" immediate family my Mum and my siblings, does that mean they are no longer my family? NO. To me that is just crazy, as if they are now any less important.
Why in God's name would anyone think that your immediate family has to change? It doesn't and it shouldn't.
It is YOUR choice if you CHOOSE to make it that way. BUT know that once you decide to go down that road. You are saying goodbye to your family, your support network and maybe your friend. Is that what you what? Who is really missing out? You, your partner or your children? Just because you too far up your own arse to think about other people.

I am still as protective of my family now as I have ever been. I have always and will continue to put myself out there and wear my heart on my sleeve because I CHOOSE to live my life and to FEEL to LOVE so much that it brings a tear to my eye just to write this! But that is MY choice and it is up to you how you choose view it.

You my may choose to think about "Oh my god I can't believe she just said arse instead of bottom" or you can choose to view it as "Wow, she really does love and put herself out there"
You can to choose to let any little petty thing that someone else says or does get to you. She said this instead of that. To me it's WHATEVER because if it comes from your heart then I will love and respect whatever you choose to say and look beyond any imperfections you have, say or do. That is my word xx IF the respect works both ways.

My family is now not just the people I grew up with and not just partner and my 2 beautiful girls but my family is ALL of my support network my family, my "other" family and my friends.

I don't care what tittle a person has. If I am there for you and you are there for me. In good times and in bad with no judgments, no disrespect. Then YOU are my family and I thank you xx

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