Friday, January 8, 2010

Can People Change?

Change is the essence of life, don't be scared to sacrifice who you are, you don't know who you will become.

Change is such an imperative put of life and something that is crucial for growth, so why is it easier for some and not so easy for others; for the people who fear change?

Is it as simple as personality traits?
1. Some people like the feeling of not knowing whats around the corner
2. Some people love to stay in there comfort zones, where they are safe and in control

Personally, I love change because I get bored super quick and I don't fear change I fear boredom. (as much as I bang on about "How I would love to get the time to be bored"Shh don't tell :)
On the flip side of that my partner would say "You have your head in the clouds"
I would say I like to embrace life and look up, not look down.

He likes comfort zone, I like freedom so we balance each other out.

I need to look up because for a long time as much as I have always loved life there was an element of fear and anxiety.

1. Teenage years- I loved the weekends with my friends, but I always feared them because I knew my Mum's Boyfriend would be drunk and I didn't know which one of us was going to be on the end of his rampage, I always hoped it would be me because I couldn't handle watching my Mum or Brother get hurt.

2. 18 to 20's- I had a passion and a zest for life, I loved my jobs (I had several) loved my life but feared what mood my Ex Boyfriend would come home in. What kind of day did he have? God I hope he had a good one, otherwise I would be on the firing line of that one. I loved and feared him, I didn't know any different. I knew it was wrong, but how I could I change it?

People HAVE to change

I couldn't make the men above change! The only thing I could do was change MYSELF. As scared as I was to leave and change because I didn't know what was around the corner but it couldn't get any worse.

I changed, I walked away. I left ALL of my material things behind me house and contents. As much as I had nothing I had EVERYTHING, I could breathe for the first time ever. Vowed that I would NEVER let that happen again and I didn't.

The people who hurt you shape you!

I can't change them, but they changed me.
I have strength, determination and I look up ALWAYS UP! BECAUSE I LOVE LIFE.

Change is growth, enjoy your journey and evolve.

How have you changed, what is your story? Everyone has a story...

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