Saturday, February 6, 2010

Depression Facebook Group

I can not tell you how excited I am about BE OPEN TO DEPRESSION & SHOW YOUR SUPPORT the support has been absolutely great. It has left me so humble, moved and so touched. If you haven't joined then please check it out it will blow your mind!

Here's some photo's of my Family getting in on the action.


Absolutelywhyaard said...

You're doing a wonderful job! It's so great to see this kind of support for such a worthy and needy cause! As a student nurse and one who has studied psychosocial health, with mental health still to come, and as a mother, wife, and human being, I understand the need for this to be more widely publicised and understood! There is a different response to a broken spirit, heart or mind, than what there is to a broken leg or arm. People can heal from a greater understanding and support! It is when these issues are ignored that everything takes a turn for the worse - much worse!

Bra Queen said...

Thank you so much and I couldn't agree more.

Absolutelywhyaard said...

Hi Renee, I have joined and I sent about 60 invites! I see it is going very well! Awesome!!!

Bra Queen said...

THANK YOU! It is going fantastic :)

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