Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bra Review D to GG Cup Freya Deco

Freya Deco

Cost- $94.95

Lift- 9/10

Separation- 10/10

Quality- 9/10

Shape- 9/10

Material- 9/10


Over All- 9/10

Bra Queen's Comments- This is a moulded plunge bra and this is an area that Freya have yet to master, however I am delighted to say this bra rocks, I love it! It is super comfy, great shape and lift. I was incredibly delighted when I reviewed this bra. I love the round shape it gives, because they do give so much lift they do make your breasts look a little bigger but that's only because of the lift and shape they provide. They are a little small in the cup so don't be surprised if you have to go up a cup.
Available in Sizes 6 to 16 DD to GG Cups

You know this is available in oodles of places but if you want to see the Fitting Experts check out DeBras or Brava their girls are as passionate as I am about fitting.

I think I am going to buy one in black and one in nude, yeahh...


Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

I bought one of these on the weekend and wow they give a great shape!

Bra Queen said...

I know don't they! I'm in love, I've been searching for YEARS and finally I've find one. I'm going to put hooks in them so I can use them as a convertible as well :)

Anonymous said...

This bra is absolutely, positively fantastic! I’m in love with it. It gives amazing shape. I found some Freya bras flatten your breasts, but this one really makes your breasts look HUGE! This is by far my favourite bra. I bought it along with a Fantasie moulded seamless and I haven’t worn the Fantasie one once!

With regards to the sizing, I’m usually an H but I was told the cup sizes actually run big (as opposed to small) – so I purchased a 10GG and it fit fine. However, I found the back size is a little too big – the 10 rides up my back, so next time I will try an 8.

Bra Queen said...

That's great news! I'm glad you like it. By the sounds of it you'll have to try the 30I however they only go up to GG Cup.

Anonymous said...

^ Yeah, it sucks that it only goes up to a GG cup. Because the back size is quite big, I’ve found I have to adjust the straps tightly in order for me to fill the cups properly, so perhaps a 30GG will be okay. A 30H would be ideal, but as it’s such a great bra (and only $45AUD if you purchase it from the UK), a perfect fit doesn’t matter too much!

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