Monday, March 29, 2010

My Feel Good Friend

We all have a friend who is going through something right at this very moment. So STOP and be there for them.

It maybe something small or it maybe some big but whatever it is; be there to listen, to guide or maybe even refer them to someone who can help them.

Sometimes we are so busy and we get caught up in our own lives that we just forget that other people have ‘stuff’. This world is bigger then you and I, sometimes it just takes a call.

What are friends for…?

Maybe YOU are the person who needs help guidance or someone to talk to. Call someone, one of “your people” the person who gets it, gets you.

It’s time for a reality call, your wake up call. What are you going to do today to brighten someone else’s day?

Do you remember my series on Understanding Depression? It’s going so well and I am so proud of it… it makes my heart smile. We nearly have 1000 fans so if you haven’t yet come on board you have too. The wall will leave you speechless reading their inspiring stories.

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