Sunday, May 30, 2010

Get Over Yourself!

Funny things happen as life goes on don’t they?

As my heart hurts and I don’t really know why…. I find myself thinking of my loved ones that have past and as much as they bring a smile to face and I feel myself embraced in a memory I feel fear and I don’t know why. I fear the older I get the older my loved ones get and it scares me to think that something *touchwood* would happen to them…

Everyone brings something unique and something special to the table… to the world. You know people feel on so many different levels and sometimes out of fear we block out some elements of our feelings, of ourselves.

When we judge and criticise other people it doesn’t come from their mistakes it comes from ours and who are we to do judge?

What do you bring to the table?

Is a question we all need to ask ourselves… we tend to only think about ourselves and how we feel but stop and think about everyone around us because you know what? We… you are not perfect. You say “tomato” and I say “tom’ato” there are two sides to every story. We can go through the exact same thing and view things totally differently, it doesn’t mean I’m wrong or you’re wrong it means we’re human and that’s the way the world works. We’re both right… if you are so hung up on one aspect of a story then you will miss the entire meaning of the story and that’s not good.

We have to remember what makes you smart? Guaranteed it’s not what makes me smart or your next door neighbour. For every time you think someone isn’t very smart is the very time you have to remember that it’s you that just doesn’t get ‘it’

Everyone has the freedom to be, the freedom to think and the freedom to live…

Don’t judge… don’t be that person you’re so much better then that.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting story, but whats with the title? It sounds very agressive for the blog.

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