Monday, May 10, 2010

Learn it. Know it. Be it. Live it

So there I was 2 weeks ago driving toward Babycinos Café after Heather from Inspiring Mums was telling me about Heavenly Connected and they were doing “free readings”. I had no idea what to expect and I didn’t know anyone but I just had this feeling that I had to go, so I trusted my gut and I went.

Hayley give me a reading and it was extremely accurate and some of the things she said have really stuck.

  • I’m a stifler- I hold back on the words I really want to say and I control my emotions. I shouldn’t…
  • I’m healing and I should allow myself to heal.

She said heaps of other things but these stuck out to me the rest I know and I’m comfortable with the process and the progress of them.

Since then I have really tried to allow myself to feel whatever I am feeling and be honest with those thoughts.

So I have cried tears that I don’t really know how or why they come about but I allowed them to flow.

Life has bought me home twice in two short weeks and I’ll be back again soon. My partner said “Does it feel funny to be home again so soon?”

The answer was no. Why?

Over the years I have noticed that sometimes life has bought me home several times in short spaces of time because it’s where I draw my strength from.

Right now I need that, I need to understand and process information because the work I am doing is extremely close to heart and it’s bringing up some old memories that for some reason are raw at the moment.

Some people hate their home town but I love it and it’s the one place where I can go where I not only draw strength from but it feels like home it is home and I get to tackle my demons head on….

I can re visit some of the twisted things that have shaped my life and understand them on a new level.

  • To the man that said “You should wear stilettos everyday so they shape your legs, wear a bra to bed so your breasts don’t sag and you’re only beautiful if you’re a size 8.” Twisted……

  • To the teacher who stopped me from learning because he made me feel like I was stupid and to everyone that believe him that now say to my success “I didn’t know you had it in you” Twisted…. I did I’ve always known.

  • To the man who used to take his violent drunken anger out on us I can now say you can not hurt us anymore. I may have not said anything then but I will now. Twisted….

These people would not even think that they made an impact on my life but they did and I’ll be damned if they’re going to shape my future.

I am strong…

We have our life lessons but it’s always a work in progress no matter how far you think you have come a smell or a song can have you back there in .2 seconds and it all comes back. The trick is to know your lesson and deal with it before it escalates and you can use that strength to your advantage.

We are never alone you make decision a choice, you may hurt someone, someone may hurt you we have all been there and we all understand no matter how much you think people don’t get it maybe it’s because we don’t explain it or maybe they just aren’t ready.

Learn it. Know it. Be it. Live it

Those who don’t get it are just at a different point then you and no matter where you are, what you’ve done, how much money you have or don’t have nor how old you are we go through those stages continuously through out our lives so get your head out of the sand and

Learn it. Know it. Be it. Live it


Dorothy said...

Well said, Renee. I've been stifling a bit lately - still am. Finding it hard to cry and let go. I'm glad you've been getting in touch with you. Funny, you were in my dream last night...(!)

Anonymous said...

Hello precious That watched so sweet you have, she is worthy of a as beautiful angel as vos! A Agrégame kiss to the Messenger:

Bra Queen said...

Thanks Dorothy it's not always so easy is it :) Really? I hope it was a good dream :)


Jink said...

Good on you, keep your brilliance shining. Glad you know the truth of you.

Bra Queen said...

Oh my goodness that is such a lovely thing to say Jink thank you so much!

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