Monday, May 3, 2010

BQ is undergoing construction

Bra Queen HQ is a crazy camp but I great one. Bra Queen Exposed is going under construction with heaps of really cool things to keep you entertained and loving life. So with it I thought I would share my new UVP!

I feel like there's more
I was meant for more
I am destined for greatness
So how did I get here?
The underdog who's been kicked and beaten and stripped of life let alone confidence.

But I still feel like there's more, I want more....

I have to break the cycle and stop the war because I've had enough

I can do that.... I have courage

Image is to protect
Be yourself and be it well
It's for the young and the old
It's the image you uphold
You yourself have to mold.


Take action the only person stopping you is you, you ready?


MadCow said...

LOVE it!

Bra Queen said...

THANK YOU! I really appreciate it xxxx

Dorothy said...

Wonderful words, Renee! Have you been inside my head lately? It feels like you are talking to me!

Bra Queen said...

Thank you Dorothy so much that is the best complement ever! xxx

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