Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breaking Point

Or you know it’s not just our breaking point. Do you know what? It’s your TURNING point.
You are not alone when you hit that wall. Everyone will eventually, I hit it just recently.

Once you have children and they are your life and it’s like you have gone through life in black and white and once you have a child you see life in color.

Your prospective changes because you can’t go through that and not have it change you. I would always put my opinion across and I was probably ‘brutally honest’. But I had an air of confidence that looking back I really quite like!

I think it’s normal to become more of a ‘push over’ and it could be for so many reasons.

• You do lose your confidence when you have kids
• You are adjusting to your new body
• You are adjusting to your new life
• You are just so ridiculously exhausted that you simply can not be bothered to argue so you just give in.
• It’s just easier to do things yourself rather then listening to the huff and puff when you ask someone else to do it.

Or you know the people that just make everything such a drama. The littlest task is made into this huge big thing and it so doesn’t have to be. BECAUSE they respond this way we don’t say anything.

UNTIL you reach you’re breaking point. You will, you have too.

To the point where you feel like everyone is just walking all over you and have been for such a long time. They’re happy for YOU to do everything because HEY their life is just so much busier or important then yours. Until you say:

ENOUGH! This is your turning point. You do have voice and an opinion and a brain. Best you remember that.

So you use your voice and say ‘Enough! It’s not going to happen, you have to accountable for your own actions, I am not your stomping for YOU to lay all of YOUR crap’

As a mum you are ‘the core’ of your family and if you’re not functioning to your full capacity then your kids can’t. (and remember you are a role model for your kids) So you HAVE to think about what makes YOU happy. It may be something small or it may be something big. But everybody has that ‘something’ they need to find AND put to use.

And if the ‘others’ don’t like what you have to say and can not RESPECT it then that’s too bad. If the love you they will be there for you, it’s as simple as that.

Trust your gut! If it feels right then it is. If it doesn’t sit right then it isn’t!

Keep it Simple, Stupid! And you WILL find YOU!

PS I always think about “How I want my girls to view me” I want to be an inspiration to them. Someone with confidence, with a voice, with a brain, with respect and whatever you want to do you can, if you put your mind to it and if you are true to yourself.

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