Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let's Talk Body!

I am OBSESSED with Body Scrubs and Body Butters I go through them like there is no tomorrow! The containers just don't come big enough!

In my defense, it is the largest organ of our body so we MUST look after it and you can't replace it.

The 3 essential things everyone should do is-

* Everyday- Body brush! This improves your blood circulation so therefore helps in preventing surface veins and varigos veins. A simple 1 minute thing makes a huge difference.

* Moisturize everyday-I have a heavier one and a lighter one that I usually rotate. If you live in a warmer climate you may need a lighter moisturizer or colder climates may need a heavy one.

*Weekly- Use a Body Scrub, this removes all the dead skin also helps blood circulation. Leaves your skin silky smooth and feeling divine!

What products do I love?

Body Brush- Elemis it will last you a life time if you don't get it wet.
Brush using strokes up towards your heart.

Body Butter- Sohum It's really reasonably priced and they smell divine and if you look at the ingredients the first ingredient is Love! Too cute.

Body Scrub- Sohum For the same reason as the butter and I like them to be the same smell to complement each other.

I have recently just tried bodelicious body scrub which was really good as well.

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